About the YouTube Creator & Artist Survey

The Creator & Artist Survey is optional for U.S.-based artists’ and creators’ YouTube channels. The data provided in the survey gives us a greater understanding of the artists and creators that use YouTube.  If they choose to, creators and artists can provide us with their: 

  • Gender
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Sexual orientation

This information about YouTube channels helps us ensure our systems don’t reflect unintentional bias. 

We want to ensure YouTube is inclusive and works for everyone. Today, the evaluation process of our systems is limited because we don’t have identity information about the channels on YouTube. While we do have information about the content of videos, like the genre or the topic, we currently have no way to evaluate, at scale, how our products and policies are working for channels of creator and artist communities of a particular race, ethnicity, gender and/or sexual orientation. 

Note: We know that identity is personal; sharing this information is optional. This survey provides us with identity data that we don't otherwise know about creators’ and artists’ channels on YouTube.

Calling All U.S. Creators: Important New Survey

How we’ll use the survey data

We’ll use the survey data collected to evaluate how YouTube works for the channels of creators and artists who represent different communities. We’ll use the data provided to understand:

  • How our algorithms and systems treat content from various communities
  • How various communities are growing on YouTube
  • Potential patterns of abuse, including harassment and hate
  • Our current programs, campaigns, and offerings

If we find issues in our systems that impact specific communities, we’re committed to working to fix them. We’ll continue to share our progress on these efforts with you and expect this to be an ongoing effort.

Should you choose to provide your information in the survey, Google LLC will keep your information in accordance with the Google Privacy Policy. Your survey response information will be stored with your YouTube channel and will not be used by other Google products.  It will not be made public without your additional consent, or used for advertising purposes.

Here are more details on how we’ll use the data provided:

Examine how our algorithms and systems treat content from various communities

This data will help us understand how our systems treat content from different communities.
Our goal is to better identify potential issues in our automated systems and address errors that we might find to help ensure that the systems are inclusive.

Understand how various communities are growing on YouTube

This data will also be used to help us understand how different creator communities are growing on YouTube. 

One example of how we’ll evaluate growth is to look at how well different communities are monetizing on YouTube. We’ve heard feedback from creators and artists about cases where our monetization systems don’t work as expected. In addition to addressing these concerns, we will work to be more proactive to make sure our systems and policies are working well for all creators and types of content.

Identify potential harmful patterns of behavior, including harassment and hate

If content violates our hate and harassment policies, we remove it. But, we’ve heard feedback that many creators are still affected by offensive and hurtful content and comment behavior. This data will proactively help us understand how various creator communities might be affected by this type of behavior and improve our automated systems over time.

Improve our current programs, campaigns, and offerings

This data will help us better understand our current programs, campaigns, and offerings. This includes programs like creator events, programs to help emerging creators grow, and  research with creators like focus groups, in person feedback sessions, surveys, and other types of research. Through this work, we can bring creators’ points of view to our product development teams. The Creator & Artist Survey will allow us to extend research invitations to more creators that reflect the diversity of communities on YouTube.

Option to delete your survey response information

If you responded to YouTube’s Creator & Artist Survey and provided info about your gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, you can request to delete the information that you provided at any time. Deleting this information won’t affect the performance of your channel or videos on YouTube.

Note: For now, you can’t retake the survey or update your response. You can only delete your data. We’re actively working on a solution for this.

To submit your request, sign into the correct Google Account. The account should have access to YouTube Studio for the channel that submitted the response.

Learn more about the survey

When will I get this survey?

We started rolling out the survey to creators and artists based in the U.S. on March 29, 2021. If you don’t see it yet, you likely will in the next few weeks. Look out for a blue banner in YouTube Studio and email from YouTube.  


We expect to get this survey out to additional types of channels (like brand channels, media companies) in the future. Supervised accounts are not eligible to participate in the survey at this time.

When will you expand this survey to other countries and more identities?

We’re starting with US-based creators and artists and may make the survey available to more countries over time. We know that the categories and choices in the survey don’t reflect all the ways in which a creator may define their identity around the world. We’re looking to expand this in the future.

This survey is in addition to other efforts that already exist to help us improve the experience for all creators and viewers. For example, YouTube continues to work with viewers and creators with disabilities to improve the platform’s accessibility and to help ensure everyone has an inclusive experience on YouTube.

Do I have to answer every question in the survey?

No, if you choose to fill out the survey, each question is optional. You can leave certain questions blank or select “Prefer not to answer”.

Will this survey impact how my channel performs?

The information you provide will not be used to impact an individual video’s or channel's performance in YouTube's systems. 

We want to ensure our systems do not reflect unintentional bias, so the data from this survey will be used to evaluate parts of YouTube such as our Search, Discovery, and Monetization systems. If we do find errors that affect certain communities, we will work to improve the training of our models to make them more accurate and inclusive.

How did you create this survey?

We worked closely with civil and human rights experts, and creators who represent different communities.

Will the survey information be shared outside of YouTube?

Your survey response information will be stored with your YouTube channel and will not be used by other Google products. It will not be made public without your additional consent, and it won’t be used for advertising purposes. This means that we won’t give this information to advertisers or use it for ads targeting.

In the survey, you have the option to provide consent for us to use your information to extend invites to programs and events. This includes things like having your channel or content highlighted; or workshops, user research, or other campaigns.

Can I update/edit my information after it has been submitted?

No, not right now. The survey is meant to capture a single snapshot, so you won't be able to make changes. While you can’t edit, you can choose to opt out and delete the information about your channel at any time. 

We’re working on a solution to allow flexibility for creators and artists to edit their response.

Does this change any information about my Google account?

The information you provide in the Creator & Artist Survey will be stored with your YouTube channel and will not be used by other Google products.
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