Google Workspace migration requirements

Google Workspace to Google Workspace migration

Before you set up your migration from Google Workspace, make sure you meet the following requirements. 

Before you begin

Make sure you: 

  1. Meet the Google Workspace Migrate requirements.
  2. Complete the steps to Install & set up Google Workspace Migrate.
  3. Meet the requirements for Google Workspace to Google Workspace migrations (below).

Google Workspace requirements

You must be signed in as a super administrator in both the source and target accounts.

  • You need a Google Workspace account in the source environment. This account can use any edition.
  • You also need a Google Workspace account in the target environment. This account can use any supported edition. For details, go to System requirements.
  • Both source and target Google accounts must be active. Suspended accounts can't be migrated.

Using smart features & personalization

Before you migrate data, you need to decide if smart features in Gmail and Google Chat and Meet as well as personalization features in other Google products can use data from Gmail, Chat, and Meet. For certain features to work, such as autosorting in Gmail, smart features and personalization must be turned on in the target account before you migrate data.

Learn more about turning on smart features and personalization.


Supported & unsupported features

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