Create & run a scan

Next, conduct a scan of all the data that you intend to migrate.

A scan is optional but highly recommended. A scan generates reports that aid in assessing the amount and type of source data and identifying issues with the data. It also helps Google Workspace Migrate assess the workload for the partitions during a bridge.

Later in the process, you’ll put the data into manageable phases and rescan each phase. For now, you scan the whole data set.

Step 1: Create a scan

  1. In the Google Workspace Migrate platform, click New ""and thenScan.  
  2. Enter a name for the scan.
  3. Select your source connection.
  4. Under Scan scope, select Full scan
  5. (Optional) To access advanced scan settings, click More options. 
    1. Under Crawl rules, choose one of the following options:
      • To include all permissions assigned at the folder level, check the Include folder permissions box.
      • To include all permissions assigned at the file level, check the Include file permissions box. If file level permissions are inherited from the parent folder, this option can be deselected to increase scan speed.
    2. Under Generator rules, enter an estimate of the size of the scan in gigabytes.
      To get an estimate of the size of a folder, in Microsoft Windows, right-click the folder and select Properties.

      Note: Estimating the size of the source data helps load balance and improves the efficiency of the scan.

  6. (Optional) To select the reports you want the scan to generate, check or uncheck the box next to the report. By default, all reports are generated. For a description of each report and details on any additional information you need to specify, see Understand file share scan reports
  7. Click Create

Step 2: Run a scan

  1. In the Google Workspace Migrate platform, click Scans. You might have to click Menu "" first.
  2. On the scan you want to run, click Run "".

What happens next? 

To balance the load, scans are partitioned into actions and distributed across the node servers. Scan partitions are automatically created when you generate a scan. After you click Run, the scan moves through these states:

  • Queued—The scan is waiting to start.
  • Generating partitions—The scan is creating the partitions, prior to beginning the scanning process. 
  • Running partitions—The scan is completing each of the partitions of scanning work. 
  • Completed—The scan is complete.

When the scan is running, you can see:

  • Completions—The number of processed items
  • Failures—The number of failures encountered
  • Crawled—The number of items discovered, but not yet completed

Delete a scan

Scans provide useful information for bridges. Only delete a scan after you migrate all data.

To delete a scan:

  1. In the Google Workspace Migrate platform, click Scans. You might have to click Menu "" first.
  2. On the scan you want to delete, click More ""and thenDeleteand thenDelete.

Next step

Analyze your scan

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