Upgrade the software

Google regularly updates the Google Workspace Migrate platform and node software. We recommend that you use the latest version of the software to ensure that you have the most recent  Google Workspace Migrate features and fixes. You can upgrade the software manually or using the command-line interface.

Important: Google does not recommend upgrading your databases after the initial installation.

Upgrade the platform and node servers

  1. Sign in to the Google Workspace Migrate platform and make sure no bridges or scans are running.
  2. In the task bar, right-click "" and select Stop   Google Workspace Migrate service
  3. Open Google Workspace Migrate installers.

    Note: The installers are only available to approved beta participants. (For more information on how to register for the Google Workspace Migrate Beta program, see this form.)

  4. Run the installers on the platform and on each node.
  5. Verify the upgrade was successful by confirming the platform version number matches the node version. To see:
    • Platform version—In the top-right corner of the Google Workspace Migrate platform, the platform version is next to Help "".
    • Node version—In the top-right corner of the Google Workspace Migrate platform, click Servers. The node version is listed under Version.
  6. To restart any bridges that you stopped in step 1, run a delta bridge. For details, see Get ready to go live.

Upgrade using the command-line interface (Optional)

Alternatively, you can run an upgrade using the command-line interface. When you upgrade Google Workspace Migrate, the installation parameters are automatically populated with values from your existing installation. You don’t need to include these parameters unless you want to change them.

For details on using the installers on the command-line interface, see:

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