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Troubleshoot issues in Work Insights

I can't access Work Insights

Most likely, your Google Account doesn't have the necessary privileges. Depending on your role in your organization and your organization's policies, your administrator can let you view metrics for one or more types of teams:

  • Organizational units
  • Manager's teams
  • Groups

To request access to the Work Insights dashboard, contact your Google Workspace administrator.

I can't see more than 10 organizational units or teams at a time in the detailed view

Currently, there's a limit of 10 organizational units or teams in the detailed view. To see data for other organizations or teams, select them in the team filter at the top of the page. 

Charts show "No data available"

There are a few reasons why you can't see data on the dashboard:

  • Privacy threshold isn't met—A team needs a minimum number of members to help prevent individual users' data from being identified. By default, the minimum is 10 members. Work Insights administrator can increase this threshold for some charts.
  • Work Insights isn't turned on—Your administrator hasn't yet turned on Work Insights for any organizational units, manager teams, or groups.
  • Data isn't available on Google servers—In this case, Work Insights can't show data for certain time periods.

A chart shows values of "0"

This usually means that no users were active in some or all apps during the time period you selected.

Teams are missing in a manager hierarchy in the team filter

If you don't see teams in a manager's reporting line in the team filter, the manager probably isn't specified in users' profiles in the Admin console. If you're a Google Workspace administrator, you can add this information to users' profiles. For details, see Grant access to Work Insights.

Charts show incorrect number of users on a manager's team

A chart might show that a manager's team has fewer members than it actually has. In this case, the manager probably isn't specified in all their team members' profiles in the Admin console. If you're a Google Workspace administrator, you can add this information to users' profiles. For details, see Grant access to Work Insights.

Groups are missing in the team filter

If a Google Workspace administrator has whitelisted groups but they don't appear the the team filter, group whitelisting hasn't yet propagated across your Google service. It can take up to 12 hours after groups are whitelisted before you see can them in the team filter.

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