Manage reseller billing permissions

To see and edit payment information, users go to the Billing section of the Reseller console. For this, they need the following permissions:

  • The billing permission under Manage Reseller Tools lets users see the Billing section. An admin sets it from the Google Admin console.
  • The Payments edit or admin permission lets users update information such as payment method or billing address. An admin provides this from the Payments section of the Reseller console.

Assign read-only permissions

In your Admin console, you can provide a user read-only access to the Billing section of the Reseller console in one of 2 ways. You can assign the user the system-defined Reseller Admin role. (For instructions, see Assign administrator roles to a user.) Or, create and assign a custom role with the manage reseller tools permission:

  1. Follow the steps to create custom administrator role.
  2. Under that role, check the Permissions tab.
  3. Check the Manage Reseller Tools box.

    Be sure to leave the Billing box checked.

  4. Follow the steps to assign administrator roles to a user, assigning the custom role to your users.

Assign payments permissions

In your Reseller console, you can give a user permission to:

  • Read payment information, such as payment method and billing address.
  • Edit payment information.

    (Without it, users may not be able to change or update forms of payment, such as a credit card, associated with your account.)

  • Create and give permissions to other users.

You can also assign an admin privilege that gives a user all of these permissions.

  1. Sign in to your Reseller console.
  2. Click Menu Menu and then Billing.
  3. Under Settings, click Manage Settings.
  4. Under Payments users, click Manage Payments Users.
  5. Choose one of the following options:
    • For a new user:
      1. Click Add a new user.
      2. Enter the user’s name and email address.
    • For an existing user:
      1. Next to the user’s name, click the Down arrow Down Arrow.
      2. Next to Permissions, click Edit Edit.

      The Permissions section for the user appears, expanded.

  1. Check the appropriate box or boxes.

    A user needs the edit or admin permission to make any changes to your payment information.

  2. Click Save.
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