G Suite business email accounts updated to G Suite Basic

This information is only for customers who purchased business email powered by G Suite.

G Suite business email accounts updated to G Suite Basic accounts

After December 31, 2019, we're updating G Suite business email accounts to a G Suite Basic accounts.

All accounts will be updated to G Suite Basic in early January 2020. 

Changes to your account in January 2020

  • Your email addresses remain the same.

  • You get additional features included with G Suite Basic.

  • Your pricing automatically changes on the effective date (January 1, 2020). You’re billed according to the G Suite Basic Flexible Plan(regional discounts apply).

  • Your Gmail  (your_name@gmail.com) and G Suite Basic accounts are permanently linked. This means if you cancel your G Suite Basic subscription, both your Gmail and your G Suite Basic accounts are deleted.

What can I do with G Suite Basic?

Try some of top business features included with your G Suite Basic account: 

1. More email addresses at no additional cost

Need an address at your domain, like info@your-domain.com or sales@your-domain.com? You can add these addresses as email aliases. Message sent to the alias address arrive in your inbox along with your other messages. There's no additional cost for aliases. Learn more

2. Group mailing lists

Creat a group list, such as project@your-domain.com or support@your-domain.com for communication and collaboration. Add people's email addresses to the group, and messages sent to the group arrive in each person's inbox. There's no additional cost for groups. Learn more

3. Adding a domain

If you own another domain, you can add it to your G Suite account. When you add a domain alias, you get email addresses at both of your domains. Send email and receive email at your primary domain and domain alias. No additional cost. Learn more

4. Adding user accounts 

As your business or organization grows, you can add more users to your G Suite Basic. Each user get their own address at your domain. Learn more.

5. Protection with 2-Step Verification

Use 2-Step Verification (2SV) to protect accounts from unauthorized access. 2SV puts an extra barrier between your business and cybercriminals who try to steal usernames and passwords to access business data. Learn more

Check if you have G Suite Basic

  1. On your computer (not mobile device or tablet), go to Gmail.
  2. Sign in with your business email address (doesn't end in @gmail.com)
  3. In the top right, click Settings Settingsand then Settings.
  4. Click Manage this domain.
  5. Check which panel opens. If you don't have G Suite Basic yet, your account will be updated later in January 2020.  

Your account hasn't been updated yet.

Manage business email panel

Business email hub

You account is updated to G Suite Basic

Google Admin console

Google Admin console

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