Create a business email alias

This article describes features of business email powered by G Suite, a service that's no longer available. 
In January 2020, we're updating all G Suite business email accounts to G Suite Basic. Learn more.


As of March 4, 2019, we no longer offer new signups for business email powered by G Suite.


Now that you have your own business email with your own domain name, you may want to create an email alias. By unlocking additional G Suite features, you can add up to 30 email aliases for each person in your team at no extra cost.

What is an email alias?

Your business email account is your primary address for signing in to your account and receiving mail. If you want another address for receiving mail, you can create an email alias.

An email alias is an alternate address that points to your business email account. Mail sent to your primary address (the one you created for your business email account) and any email aliases you add, all appear in your business email inbox.

For example, if wants to also receive email sent to, you create the alias Mail sent to either address then appears in Joe's inbox.

To create an alias for your business email, you first need to unlock additional G Suite features by following the instructions below. After unlocking these features, you manage you and your team’s business email via the Google Admin console. Your Admin console is where you manage your team’s business email, such as adding new team members, resetting passwords, and more.

Step 1 Unlock additional G Suite features

The first step in creating an alias for your business email is to unlock additional G Suite features.

Important: When you unlock additional G Suite features, your G Suite and Gmail accounts become permanently linked. If you cancel business email powered by G Suite, your original Gmail account will also be cancelled.
  1. From your Gmail account, click Settings and select Manage this domain.
  2. Click Create an alias.
  3. Read the detailed information, including the limitations, before checking the Agreement box and clicking Unlock Additional Features.
  4. The Admin console dashboard opens. Step through an optional tour of the key features. See the next step below for how to create an email alias for your business email.


Step 2 Create an alias for your business email

The next step in creating an alias for your business email is to add an alias to your account.

  1. From the dashboard of the Admin console, click Users.
  2. In the user list, find and click your name to open your account page.
  3. On your user account page, click Account.
  4. In the Aliases section, click Add an alias.
  5. In the Add an alias text box, enter the username. (This name is the portion of the user's email address that appears before the @ sign.)

    Note: As with any other email address, you can't reuse an alias that's already been assigned to someone else, either as a primary address or alias.

  6. Click Save Changes.

It can take up to 24 hours for the alias to become available.

For more details, see Add or remove an email alias for a G Suite user.


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