Billing basics for your business email

This article describes features of business email powered by G Suite, a service that's no longer available. 
In January 2020, we're updating all G Suite business email accounts to G Suite Basic. Learn more.


As of March 4, 2019, we no longer offer new signups for business email powered by G Suite.

To obtain your business email account, you need to start a paid subscription to G Suite. Here’s an overview of how G Suite billing works.

Top things to know about G Suite billing

Pay by credit card

To pay for your business email subscription, you set up a monthly automatic payment plan. You can pay for your business email subscription using a credit card. Google accepts payments from Visa®, MasterCard®, and American Express®.

Monthly automatic payments

When you set up payments for G Suite, you specify a payment method to pay for your service. We charge your payment method each month for the service you used the previous month. You can change your payment method at any time. However, to ensure continuous email service, you must always have a valid payment method associated with your account.


Your monthly bill includes the cost of your user accounts at 5 $USD per user. Once a year, your monthly bill also includes your annual domain registration renewal. See domain registration pricing (if purchased when you signed up for business email powered by G Suite).

Suspended account

If your automatic payment ever fails, you have 30 days to fix payments or your G Suite services is suspended. You can prevent suspension by keeping your primary payment method up to date. If your service is suspended, you can lift your suspension by fixing your payment method and paying off your balance.

  1. Look for a message in your email or secondary email. If you cannot access your email, attempt to access your business email account at

    If your account is suspended, you may receive a message saying why your payments failed. For example, maybe your credit card expired or you reached your monthly credit limit the day we charged your card.

  2. Restore your primary payment method:
    1. Sign in to G Suite.
    2. Click Gear iconand select Manage this domain.
    3. Scroll down to Subscriptions and click Payments info. 
    4. Click Manage Payment Methods.
    5. Scroll down to Available payment methods.
      • To fix a declined payment method, click Fix it to resolve the issue.
      • To update an expired credit card, click Edit and change the expiration date.
      • To add a new credit card, click Add payment method, enter your card information, and check the box to set this as your Primary payment method.
  3. Pay off your balance.

Canceling your subscription

If you no longer want your business email, you can cancel your paid subscription with G Suite at any time. When you cancel:

  • You no longer have access to certain data associated with or created by your business email address.
  • If you did not unlock any additional features: You return to using your original Gmail account (for example,
  • If you did unlock any additional features: When you cancel business email powered by G Suite, your original Gmail account will also be cancelled.

For more information, see Considerations before signing up, unlocking additional settings, or canceling.

  1. From your Gmail account, click Settings and select Manage this domain.
  2. Click Cancel your business email.

Upon cancellation, you are no longer billed after the last 30-day billing cycle. If you have an unpaid balance on your account, we'll automatically charge your primary payment method within 31 days after you cancel your subscription. Note that your final charge can include unpaid costs that accrued before your cancellation, as well as costs that might accrue after you cancel.

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