Before you create your business email address

Here are some current limitations that apply to business email (and are subject to change):

You need an existing Gmail account

  • You need to have an existing Gmail account. If you don’t have Gmail, it’s easy to sign up at Create your Google Account. If you don't have Gmail, but would like a Gmail business email account, sign up at Get email for your business
  • If you have more than one Gmail address, you can select only one account to be linked with the new business email address. You can add additional accounts to your domain by unlocking additional features.
  • To have a business email address, for example,, you either need to purchase a domain with us or use a domain that you already own. During the sign-up process:
    • If you need to purchase a domain, you can choose a domain name (the part) for your business email address.
    • If you already own a domain, you need to verify that you own it and change the mail settings so that Google can send and receive emails for your preferred email on this domain. The sign-up process walks you through these steps for domain verification.
  • If you own a domain already and use aliases to receive emails, you can no longer use those aliases to forward email to a central account on your domain with business email. For more information, see Transfer of email aliases not yet supported. If you purchase a new domain, you can create new aliases for your business email by unlocking additional features.
  • Linking your Gmail account with a business email address is possible if your account was originally registered in a country where G Suite Basic is available, except for Antarctica and Bouvet Island.
  • Your Gmail account must specify English as the primary language.
  • If you have a Gmail account that includes a secondary calendar, Google Site, or you use Gmail delegation for your Gmail account, you can’t sign up currently. For further details, and other restrictions, see Considerations before signing up, unlocking additional features, or canceling.
  • If you have a Gmail account, and want to use Inbox, a new service, you need to unlock additional settings in G Suite settings.
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