Managed Google Play overview

Managed Google Play is the content marketplace for Android Enterprise. It allows you to browse and manage apps for your organization.

To get started with managed Google Play, you must first enable Android and managed Google Play through your Enterprise Mobility Manager (EMM) and then accept the Terms of Service in managed Google Play.

After you accept the Terms of Service, you will have immediate access to the managed Google Play store where you can approve and buy apps for your organization.

Note: A delegated administrator cannot accept the Terms of Service.

To accept the Terms of Service:

  1. Sign in to managed Google Play with your super administrator account.
  2. (Optional) Click the link to review the full Terms of Service.
  3. Check the agreement box and click Accept.

If your organization is subject to the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you should register the contact details of your data protection officer (DPO) or EU representative after accepting the Terms of Service. Click here to Learn more.


Video Overview of Managed Google Play Features:

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