Work Profile and its features

A Work Profile is a self contained profile on an Android device for storing work apps and data. Work Profile allows separation of work apps and data, giving organizations full control of the data, apps, and security policies within a Work Profile. Simultaneously, users retain privacy over their personal apps, data, and usage. On devices designated as company-owned during setup, organizations can enforce some policies that apply to a device’s personal profile and overall device behavior.

Apps installed in the Work Profile are marked with the briefcase icon, so as to be easily distinguishable from personal apps. For more information on how to use a Work Profile device, see What is a Work Profile.

Feature support for devices with Work Profile

Key features

All EMM providers offering Work Profiles support the following key features:

Device setup

Feature Description
Management app Download the EMM provider's management app from Google Play to launch Work Profile setup.

Device security

Feature Description
Set lock screen restrictions Set and enforce the type of passcode (e.g. PIN/pattern/password) required to unlock a device.
Set Work Profile lock screen restrictions Set and enforce the type of passcode (e.g. PIN/pattern/password) required to unlock a Work Profile.
Wipe and lock work data Remotely lock and wipe the Work Profile on a device.
Automatic compliance enforcement Automatically restrict access to data and apps in Work Profiles on devices that aren't in compliance with security policies.

App management

EMM providers support Android app management through an enterprise version of Google Play, called managed Google Play. With an EMM, you can create Managed Google Play accounts* for your users. These accounts enable app distribution to their Work Profiles.

Feature Description
View and manage your app catalog View a list of purchased apps, approved apps, and private apps.                 
Distribute apps silently Silently install apps on a device without any user interaction.
Download apps from the managed Play app Users can install and update apps approved for them through the Managed Google Play app on their device.
Set managed configurations Configure work apps for individual users or devices.

*For organizations with Google Workspace or Cloud Identity, users can access managed Google Play with their Google Workspace or Cloud Identity account.

Device management

Feature Description
Set default runtime permission policies   Set the default response (prompt, allow, or deny) to all runtime permission requests from apps in a Work Profile.   
Set specific runtime permission policies Set the default response (prompt, allow, or deny) to specific runtime permission requests from apps in a Work Profile.

Advanced features

In addition to the key features above, all Android Enterprise Recommended EMM providers offering Work Profiles support the following advanced features:

Device security

Feature Description
Set advanced lock screen restrictions Set and enforce the quality, length, and complexity of the passcode required to unlock a device.
Device integrity verification Validate device integrity to help detect if a device has been tampered with or modified. Set up automated rules (e.g. wipe and lock) if validation fails.
Google Play Protect enforcement Google Play Protect's Verify Apps feature is enabled by default and scans apps for malware before and after installation.

App management

Feature Description
Managed Google Play in EMM's console Access Managed Google Play directly through the EMM's console to search for, approve, and manage work apps.

Device management

Feature Description
Configure Wi-Fi settings Remotely deploy Wi-Fi login settings (SSID, password) to a device.
Configure certificate-authenticated Wi-Fi Remotely deploy Wi-Fi settings to a device that include identity, certificates for client authorization, and CA certificates.
Restrict access to authorized accounts Ensure that only authorized corporate accounts can interact with Work Profiles data by preventing users from adding or modifying accounts.
Manage certificates Deploy identity certificates and certificate authorities to a device to enable access to corporate resources.
Manage advanced certificate details Select certificates for specific work apps, remove CAs and identity certs from an active device, and prevent users from modifying credentials in the managed keystore.
Enable Always On VPN Enable Always On VPN for specified apps in a Work Profile to ensure they always go through a configured VPN.

Device usability

Feature Description
Manage lock screen features Control the features accessible to users before unlocking a device's lock screen and Work Profile lock screen.

Additional features

Support for additional features varies by EMM provider. To view the features supported by a specific EMM, see the Android Enterprise Solutions Directory.

Device setup

Feature Description
Google Workspace or Cloud Identity account Set up a Work Profile on a device by entering a user's Google Workspace or Cloud Identity account details.

Device security

Feature Description
Configure Smart Lock settings Enable or disable specific Smart Lock methods, such as trusted bluetooth devices, face recognition, or voice recognition.

App management

Feature Description
Customize users' managed Play app Customize the app store layout displayed in the managed Google Play app on a device.
Support Google-hosted private apps Publish Google-hosted private apps from the EMM's console and distribute them to Work Profiles.
Support externally hosted private apps Publish externally hosted private apps from the EMM's console and distribute them to Work Profiles.

Device management

Feature Description
Manage Google Workspace accounts Ensure that only authorized Google Workspace (or Cloud Identity) accounts can interact with corporate data.
Manage 3rd party certificates Distribute a 3rd-party certificate management app to a Work Profile and grant the app privileged access to install certificates in the managed keystore.
Control access to input methods Configure the input methods (e.g. keyboards) that a user can configure on their device. Input methods are shared across both work and personal profiles
Control access to accessibility services Configure the accessibility services that can be enabled on a device.
Set location sharing preferences Configure location sharing settings (e.g. high accuracy, battery-saving, sensors only, off) for apps in a Work Profile.
Disable screen captures Prevent users from taking screenshots when using apps in a Work Profile.
Retrieve network statistics Retrieve network usage statistics for a Work Profile.

Device usability

Feature Description
Set default apps for specific activities Set the default app for specific activities. For example, choose the default browser for opening web links.
Customize Work Profile setup UI Set the color, logo, and terms and conditions displayed during Work Profile setup.
Customize Work Profile UI Customize Work Profiles with corporate branding.
Customize lock screen message Set a message to display on a device's lock screen.
Set contact info sharing policies Control what contact information can be shared from a device's Work Profile to its personal profile.

Which Android devices are supported?

Work Profile is supported on devices with 2GB or more of RAM, personally-owned devices running Android 5.0 or later, and company-owned devices running Android 8.0 or later. Learn more about the difference between personally and company-owned devices

Which EMM providers support Work Profiles?

EMM providers that support Work Profiles are listed in the Android Enterprise Solutions Directory.

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