Zero-touch enrollment for users

This page helps device users understand zero-touch enrollment. If you’re an IT admin, see Zero-touch enrollment for IT admins.

What is zero-touch enrollment?

Zero-touch enrollment is an Android feature that sets up your device with your organization’s IT policies and apps.

Your IT admin might have given you a device or you might receive one shipped direct from a reseller. When you first turn on the device, it provisions itself with apps and data for your organization so that you can get going without complicated setup.


To use zero-touch enrollment, you’ll need a compatible device running Android Oreo (8.0) purchased from a reseller partner. To learn more about the prerequisites, including the devices you can use, read the Android site's Zero-touch enrollment page.

Set up your zero-touch device

Your device is pre-registered for zero-touch enrollment by your IT admin. When you first turn on the device, follow the on-screen instructions to set it up. Once setup is complete, the device is managed by your organization.

Samsung devices running Android 9.0 or Android 10 only:

  1. Turn on the device.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions until the screen prompts you to transfer your old data to the device (e.g. Bring your old data for quicker setup or similar).
  3. Select Skip this for now.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Continue following the on-screen instructions to set up the device.


My device shouldn’t be managed.

When your device is registered for zero-touch enrollment, it starts up and shows the Your device at work panel explaining the device is managed.

If you have a work-owned device, first check with your IT admin that the device isn’t registered with your organization for zero-touch enrollment.

Contact the organization that’s attempting to enroll the device. Start by following the steps below:

  1. Factory reset the device.

  2. Click the link to contact your device’s provider in the Your device at work screen.

  3. Make a note of the telephone number, email address, and the identifiers in Device information.

Ask the organization to unregister the device from zero-touch enrollment. Include the identifiers you noted previously. You might want to include a link to this page.

I want to unregister my device from zero-touch enrollment

Because zero-touch enrollment devices provision themselves automatically, you can’t factory reset a device to remove it from your organization’s management. Ask your IT admin to unregister the device from zero-touch enrollment.

My device doesn’t provision itself out of the box

If you think your device should be using zero-touch enrollment, contact your IT admin. Ask your IT admin to register the device with zero-touch enrollment—you can’t register the device yourself.

After your IT admin registers your device, you’ll need to factory reset the device so that zero-touch enrollment can provision it.

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