Zero-touch enrollment for users

This page helps device users understand zero-touch enrollment. If you’re an IT admin, see Zero-touch enrollment for IT admins.

What is zero-touch enrollment?

Zero-touch enrollment is an Android feature that sets up your device with your organization’s IT policies and apps.

Your IT admin might have given you a device or you might receive one shipped direct from a reseller. When you first turn on the device, it provisions itself with apps and data for your organization so that you can get going without complicated setup.


To use zero-touch enrollment, you’ll need a compatible device running Android Oreo (8.0) purchased from a reseller partner. To learn more about the prerequisites, including the devices you can use, read the Android site's Zero-touch enrollment page.

How to use zero-touch enrollment

Your device is pre-registered for zero-touch enrollment by your IT admin. When you first turn on the device, follow the on-screen instructions to set it up. Once setup is complete, the device is managed by your organization.


My device shouldn’t be managed.

When your device is registered for zero-touch enrollment, it starts up and shows the Your device at work panel explaining the device is managed.

If you have a work-owned device, first check with your IT admin that the device isn’t registered with your organization for zero-touch enrollment.

Contact the organization that’s attempting to enroll the device. Start by following the steps below:

  1. Factory reset the device.

  2. Click the link to contact your device’s provider in the Your device at work screen.

  3. Make a note of the telephone number, email address, and the identifiers in Device information.

Ask the organization to unregister the device from zero-touch enrollment. Include the identifiers you noted previously. You might want to include a link to this page.

I want to unregister my device from zero-touch enrollment

Because zero-touch enrollment devices provision themselves automatically, you can’t factory reset a device to remove it from your organization’s management. Ask your IT admin to unregister the device from zero-touch enrollment.

My device doesn’t provision itself out of the box

If you think your device should be using zero-touch enrollment, contact your IT admin. Ask your IT admin to register the device with zero-touch enrollment—you can’t register the device yourself.

After your IT admin registers your device, you’ll need to factory reset the device so that zero-touch enrollment can provision it.

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