Android 8.0 Known Issue: WebView issue on work profile

Android devices with work profiles running Android Oreo (Android 8.0) may be affected by the following known issue. Fully managed devices remain unaffected.


A feature was added in Android Nougat to set the Chrome WebView as the default WebView and disable the Android System WebView app by default. This feature helped users by minimizing the resource footprint of the Android System WebView when not in use, while still enabling users to disable Chrome and revert to a non-Chrome WebView.

An issue has been brought to our attention: On Android Oreo devices with multiple users, where Chrome is not enabled for all of those users, applications will crash when trying to invoke a WebView. This issue applies primarily to work profiles because on those profiles Chrome is disabled by default.

In order to be affected by this issue, the following conditions must be met on a device:

  • The device needs to be on Android Oreo (Android 8.0).
  • There is more than one user on device (For example, there’s a work profile and personal profile).
  • Chrome is not enabled for at least one user on the device. Note: Chrome is disabled in the work profile by default.
  • Chrome has been updated on the device and the device has restarted since Chrome updated.
  • The Android System WebView app has not been updated via Google Play.

Although this issue is in the initial public release of Android Oreo, we are actively working with enterprise mobility management providers (EMMs) and device manufacturers (OEMs) on solutions to address this issue.

What you need to do

For enterprises with devices experiencing this issue, mitigation steps are to either:

  • Enable Chrome for each user on the device (for example, within the work profile).


  • Wait for the Android System WebView app to update to its latest version (updates occur automatically within 24 hours provided the device has a Wi-Fi connection).

Additionally, we have given EMM providers detailed guidance on how to address these issues. Please work with your EMM provider to determine the best approach for your enterprise. 

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