Add apps on devices without work profiles

If your device doesn’t support a work profile, the way you add apps depends on whether or not you have a managed Google Account. If you’re not sure what type of account you have, contact your administrator.

What type of account do you have?

I have a managed Google Account

You need to add your managed Google Account to your device. 

  1. Open the Play Store Play Store
  2. Tap Menu Menu and then select your managed Google Account. 
  3. Consent to using your work account with Google Play. 
  4. Tap Work Apps to access approved apps. You might need to scroll to view the Work Apps link.

    Note: The Work Apps link will only be visible if your administrator has approved apps for you.

I don't have a managed Google Account

If you don't have a managed Google Account, you still need to add the managed account that you use for work. Then, any apps you need for work will appear with your managed account.

  1. Open Play Store Play Store.
  2. Install the device policy controller app that your company uses. Contact your IT administrator for help.
  3. Open the app and follow the instructions to add your managed account to your device.
  4. Open Play Store Play Store.
  5. Tap Menu Menu and then select your managed account.

Any approved apps should appear with your managed account. 

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