Turn your work profile on or off

Devices with Android 7.0 Nougat and later only

After you set up your Android device, you can temporarily turn off your work profile. Then you can use your device without any work interruptions at the weekend or when you’re on vacation.

With your work profile turned on, work and personal apps run side by side.  When you turn it off, work apps don’t run, generate notifications, or consume data or the battery. You also can’t access work apps or widgets. If you try, you’ll see a message asking if you want to turn your work profile on again.

Work mode is a device setting, so your administrator can’t turn it on or off.

How to

Some of this information might not be the same on every device.

  1. On your device, go to Settings and then Accounts and then Work profile settings.
  2. Tap the Work profile switch to turn it On or Off.

Tip: Quickly turn your work profile on or off by using 2 fingers to swipe down from the top of any screen, including your lock screen. Then, tap the Work mode tile. If you don’t see the work mode tile, you can add it if your device supports it. Tap the edit icon at the bottom of the panel.

When your work profile is turned off, the work icon in the Quick Settings panel is dimmed and the system Settings app shows a message that lets you know it's turned off.

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