Pause or turn on your work profile

Android 7.0 or later devices only

When your work profile is running, your work apps can run and generate notifications that appear alongside your personal notifications. Pausing your work profile temporarily disables your work apps and notifications, allowing you to use your device without any work interruptions. You may want to pause your work profile when you're not working. For example, at the end of your workday, over the weekend, or when you're on vacation.

When your work profile is paused, work apps won't run, generate notifications, or consume data and battery life. You also won't be able to access work apps or widgets. If you try, you'll see a message asking if you want to turn your work profile on again.

Note: If your device is company-owned, your IT admin can set a limit for how long your work profile can be paused. If your work profile stays paused longer than this limit, access to your personal apps and data may be suspended until you turn your work profile back on.

How to

Some of these steps might not be the same on every device.

To pause or turn on your work profile from the Work profile tab:

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to the top.
  2. Tap the "Work" tab.
  3. At the bottom of your screen, toggle the Work apps switch.

    When the switch is off, your work profile is paused. When the switch is on, your work profile is running.

To pause your work profile from Quick Settings:

  1. Swipe down from the top of any screen and locate the work tile (briefcase icon).

    You may need to swipe down again to see all your quick settings. If you don't see the work tile, you can add it if your device supports it by tapping the edit icon at the bottom of the panel.

  2. Tap the work tile.

    When the tile is dimmed, your work profile is paused. When the tile is illuminated, your work profile is running.

Set up an automatic schedule for your work profile:

You can also set up scheduling for your work profile. When active, your device will automatically turn on and off your work profile for the time periods that you have specified.;

To do this:

  1. Open your phone's Settings app.
  2. Tap Digital Wellbeing & parental controls.

  1. Tap Work Profile and toggle Set a schedule.

  1. You will now be able to specify the hours and days of the week that your work profile will automatically remain active. 

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