Types of Google accounts

Do you know what type of Google account you have? Google offers different types of accounts for different types of users. Currently, we offer several types of accounts that have completely separate services.

Consumer Google account
  • Access to Google products and services, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, and Photos.
  • Can create an account without Gmail using any email address, such as the email address you have with your organization or another webmail address, such as Yahoo!® or Microsoft® Outlook®.
  • Signing up for Gmail automatically creates a Google account with an @gmail.com address.
Managed Google account

Managed Google accounts are used in organizations which use Google as their identity provider. Organizations can also link their primary identity provider to Google in order to enable access to Google services for end-users. Managed Google accounts are useful when the identity used to enroll the device is also used for other Google services (e.g. Google Drive, Google Chrome etc). Two examples of Google accounts which can be managed include Google Workspace accounts and Cloud Identity accounts.

Note: Managed Google accounts are only available to organizations using managed Google domains.

Managed Google Play accounts (for organizations)
  • For organizations that want to set up Android Enterprise but don’t have or wish to use managed Google accounts.
  • Allows organizations to deploy and manage applications through managed Google Play.
  • No access to Google services beyond managed Google Play.

Note: Managed Google Play accounts are available to organizations using managed Google domains and managed Google Play accounts enterprises.

If you used your company domain (@mycompany.com) to set up a personal Google account, you have a conflicting account.

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