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Using managed configurations to disable Rich Communication Services (RCS) in the Google Messages app

With Rich Communication Services or RCS, a modern industry standard for messaging, you can have a more dynamic and secure conversation with someone compared with SMS or MMS. Learn about Rich Communication Services messaging


RCS provides end-to-end encryption. In highly regulated organizations it may be required to disable RCS and revert back to SMS or MMS without encryption to allow mobile communications to be effectively logged and audited.  


RCS  in the Messages by Google app can be disabled by enterprise administrators using a managed app configuration.  To disable RCS in other messaging applications check with the developer for additional information.

Configure RCS in Google Messages using a managed configuration

  1. Enterprise admins can approve the Messages by Google app in managed Google Play, and edit the managed configuration for the Google Messages app via their Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) provider.
  2. Enterprise admins can use a managed configuration app-restriction called "disable_rcs" via their EMM provider and set it to “true” to remotely disable RCS. 
  3. The earliest Android Messages version that supports this capability is messages.android_20220121_02_RC03

Your EMM provider may have its own way of setting up Managed Configurations. Check your EMM documentation to learn more.

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