What is Android Device Policy?

Android Device Policy is a built-in device policy controller enabling IT administrators to directly manage Android devices via enterprise mobility management (EMM) providers that use the Android Management API.

In addition to configuring the work profile or fully managed device, Android Device Policy also provides employees visibility into the policies enforced by IT admins, and helps users resolve any policy requirements that require employee interaction, like setting a password or updating to the latest Android version.

To provide IT administrators with effective management and troubleshooting tools, Android Device Policy collects certain information from your device. What information is collected and how it is shared with you IT administrator depends on the management set configured on your device, as well as whether you or your organization owns the device.

Devices with a Work Profile

If your device has a work profile, your organization can view and manage your work apps and data. Your personal apps, data, and usage details aren’t visible or accessible to your organization or Android Device Policy. Learn more about what data Android Device Policy collects about your work profile on behalf of your IT administrator.

Fully Managed Devices

If your device is fully managed, your organization can view and manage apps and data throughout the entire device. Learn more about the data on your fully managed device that the Android Device Policy makes visible to your IT administrator.

Regardless of which management set you use, Android Device Policy also collects crash diagnostics, temporary remote session-level logs, and other performance data about the Android Device Policy app for aggregated analytics and troubleshooting purposes.

All the data Android Device Policy collects is encrypted in transit, both back to Google and to your organization’s EMM.

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