What's new in Android Enterprise: May/June 2021

Android Management API

Programmatic enterprise creation

You can now create an enterprise in the Android Management API without needing to visit Managed Google Play sign-up page and doesn’t require a Google account.


Managed Google Play

Simplified and unified private apps publishing

The private apps publishing requirements and policies are now standardized across all publishing methods: Google Play Console, Managed Google Play iframe, and Google Play Custom App Publishing API.


Regardless of the publishing method used, the following rules apply:

  • Only the app title is required. No additional metadata is required (description, screenshots, or feature graphics for example).
  • Your new private apps and updates will be available to install within minutes, instead of hours, through a simplified and fast review process. 
  • You can target up to 1,000 organizations.

High priority update mode and postpone update mode

Two new update modes for apps are now available:

  • High priority - The app is updated as soon as possible after it’s published by the developer. If the device is online, this means the app is updated within minutes.
  • Postpone - Updates are postponed for a maximum of 90 days after the app becomes out of date. 90 days after the app becomes out of date, the latest available version is installed automatically with default priority. After the app is updated it is not automatically updated again until 90 days after it becomes out of date again.

The update mode can be set by the IT administrator per-device and per-app. If no update mode is selected, the default update mode applies: the app is updated when the device is connected to Wi-Fi, charging, and not actively used.

Improvements to private apps search

In the Managed Google Play iframe, the search page now supports filtering results to show private apps only. This will make it easier for IT administrators to find the private apps.


Zero-touch iframe for EMM consoles

You can now integrate zero-touch enrollment capabilities in your management console using a new iframe.

IT administrators can use this iframe to link their zero-touch customer accounts with their EMM, and configure their devices so they automatically enroll with their EMM solution.

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