Google Wifi product information


When using Google Wifi, make sure the power adapter is
plugged into a socket near the router and is easily accessible.

Electric Shock and Heat

Do not expose Google Wifi or the power supply to water or
extreme conditions. Take care while handling the power
supply to avoid electric shock. To provide power to your
Google Wifi, only use the power supply provided with your
Google Wifi. Your Google Wifi may get hot to the touch,
this is normal. Unplug your Google Wifi’s power supply
and let it cool before handling. Google Wifi and its
accessories is for indoor use only. Do not use the router or
adapter if they aren’t working properly or have been
damaged or dropped.

Pacemaker and Other Implanted Devices

Google Wifi contains components that emit an
electromagnetic field and could interfere with
pacemakers or other electronic medical devices. Before
using your Google Wifi, consult your physician or medical
device manufacturer about the required minimum safe
distance between Google Wifi and your medical device.

Radiation Exposure Statement

This equipment complies with RF exposure limits set forth
for an uncontrolled environment. This equipment should
be installed and operated with minimum distance 20cm
between the device & your body.

Indoor Use Restriction

WLAN function of the device is restricted only to indoor
use when operating in the 5150-5350 MHz frequency
range to reduce the potential for harmful interference to
co-channel mobile satellite systems.

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