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About abusive experience reviews

We review a sample of your pages

Abusive experience reviews are not exhaustive—we do not look at every page of your site. Instead, we review a sample of pages and report on abusive experiences we find. (If your review status is “Failing,” you can see the violations we did find in the “What we found” column of the Report.) When you submit your site for review, we again look at a new sample of pages, which means we may find abusive experiences that we did not find on earlier reviews.

About domains and subdomains

The Abusive Experience Report shows issues that affect any page up to and including your root domain. Note that submitting your site for review implements a review of the entire site domain, not just the subdomains for which you are registered. 

Learn more about your site’s domains and the Abusive Experiences Report

Review status

You'll see one of the following statuses at the top of the Report:

Not reviewed: We haven't yet reviewed the abusive experiences on your site. As a best practice, we recommend preemptively fixing any abusive experiences before we review your site. 

Passing: We reviewed your site and haven't detected a significant number of abusive experiences on your pages. 

Failing: We reviewed your site and detected numerous abusive experiences. You should fix the issues as soon as possible and submit your site for another review. If your site remains in this status, Chrome will prevent new windows and tabs from opening.

If your site is in “Failing” status, we’ll send an email to registered site owners and users at least 30 calendar days prior to the start of Chrome enforcement, and you’ll have the opportunity to submit your site for another review.

The review cycle

You should fix your site's issues and submit it for review if:

Note that restricted users can view the Report, but cannot submit the site for a review.

How often you can submit your site for review

You can request a review of your site as often as you’d like. However, starting with the third request, there is a 30-day delay in the start of the review.

Chrome enforcement status and review submissions

If your site is in “Failing” status, and Chrome enforcement has begun, it is paused during your first two review requests. It is not paused if the issues have not been resolved and you submit the site for a third or subsequent review.

Summary of review timing and Chrome enforcement status

Review request no. Delay in review start Chrome enforcement on while review is pending?*
1st No delay introduced no
2nd No delay introduced no
3rd or more 30-day delay introduced yes

* Applies only if your site is in "Failing" status.

Review processing and completion

While your review is being processed:

  • You’ll be unable to submit another review until we review your site again. 
  • The “review pending” label is added to the Abusive Experience Report status bar.
  • The Abusive Experience Report change log indicates that a review is pending.

When the review is complete:

  • The Abusive Experience Report change log indicates that the review is complete.
  • The “review pending” label on the status bar is no longer displayed.
  • If we don’t find any significant issues, the status changes to “Passing.” If we find issues, the status may remain as "Failing."
  • If issues have not been resolved, you can fix them and submit for another review.
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