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How to get rid of the "Before you continue" notification when using Google Search in Incognito mode? I use Chrome in Incognito mode so the browser doesn't keep cookies. Everytime I close the browser an…
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My default search engine is set to search.typicalconfig.com and I don't have the option to remove it I have recently discovered malware on my computer that redirects me to Yahoo. After removing malicio…
0 Recommended Answers 4 Replies 4 Upvotes
Turn off autofill suggestion in search bar? Recently when I perform a search, as I'm scrolling through the results, a suggestion will flash insi…
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this is true google send iphone 11 pro as a gift after answer some question i have received massage from web that i am lucky because i am win iphone 11 from google if i answer … There's internet access but websites are not loading, except for Google sites (e.g. Google, YouTube, Google search works, as do the other Google-affliated websites like Youtube and Gmail, but once I cl… How can i stop the privacy reminder coming up when using incognito. Every time i use incognito mode the privacy notice appears. Signing in makes not difference at all. …
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Please someone help me remove Google Lens, I hate this crap so much. I have tried the settings trick and there is nothing there that says Lens/Qlens/or whatever else. I …
0 Recommended Answers 2 Replies 16 Upvotes
Why does google Push liberal news sources, proven false countless times, to the top of my search? I search news sources and left wing (proven false) media sites top the search results of the entire … GOOGLE SEARCH SUCKS!!! What happened? Why has Google's search results become useless? When I put things in quotes, I ONLY want to find tha… Where did the minimize/maximize/[x] buttons that were in the top right corner on web browser go? :( I can't close the web browser by clicking the red "x" in the corner anymore or minimize the screen..…
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