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I've been searching around to see if anyone else has pointed out that the Google search engine appears to have changed behaviour as I'm seeing a marked change and its reallly pissing me off - but no one else is talking about this so I'm wondering if I'm the only one seeing this???

Lets search for "Late phase clinical trials" - when the results return  it looks good and I'm about to click on the top link which looks promising and bang several more entries are added (at the top) which are generally rubbish and before I know it I'm clicking one of those and getting taken to a worthless site.  This seems like new behaviour and I can only think its a poor attempt at gaining ad revenue by tricking me into clicking the ad links.  Why is this?

Also when I look at the first page of results I see that many of the entries after the initial dross are still not relevant.  In my example the first page produces 27 entries plus the Google Scholar links (very welcome) and the "People also ask" table that features commonly asked questions based on the search term.

Of the 27 entries

  • 3 are exactly the same link to totaljobs.com (ok so they give me the correct jobs but I didn't ask for jobs - thats a specific search and I never mentioned the keyword jobs)
  • 2 are exactly the same link to a second search page at informationvne.com both of which just execute the same search on this website
  • 3 are exactly the same link to a second search page at kensaq.com all of which just execute the same search on this website
  • 4 are exactly the same link to a second search page at teoma.co.uk all of which just execute the same search on this website
  • 3 are exactly the same link to a second search page at ukdownloadsearch.cnet.com all of which just execute the same search on this website

Interestingly - apart from totaljobs - all the other search engines appeared to be powered by Google, also interestingly they all produce better search results on the first page

Out of 27 results on the first page Google finds me 15 pointers to other search pages thats 55% of the results are just wasting my time - how does anyone justify that as being a useful search engine?

Any comments or pointers to whats happened are welcome

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He's definitely right about the possibility of malware a virus or spyware,. But also I have been using Google Voice Search many years. ("Hi, I'm new and at least to forums, even at 47. So, the 2 links below are the ones that should get you searchs you want. But you can read this info too. Since I'm not completely sure how this form works this being my second post feel free to yell at me now back to the topic of dwindling Google voice search slash Google search) Which is actually, getting worse and lower reviews on the Play Store (a 4.2 compared to  the same named product  but made by  vkd instead  is a 4.4  and, is what I'm testing right now,  as I was going to do at the end of this I might as well fit in this quotations. But I am testing  the new  voice search with my assistant to make this  response , which I noticed is more like  a  novel,  but you're helping me test a part of the same search  product of your question, which is about Google search. Google Assistant is what I use now , and I'm very happy with it . Reasons being that since First beginning to use a assistant app well over six serve 10 years ago I've learned how to set my assistant up to not only do a Google search which I don't even have a Google search button on my homepage anymore I just asked for the assistant and I also do all my dictation any typing map location restaurant you know how it's supposed to go, but it does take quite some effort time patients or someone really a good friend to get it perfect . Like right now I just put a. In the wrong spot I put a. There though wish this grammar tool didn't do in the past it would have skipped it. which I like very well but I'm constantly testing new apps every day  mostly to my disappointment .  so there's my apology and my explanation of the  grammar  faults read funny in this  response) But before Google Assistant was an option, being that it didn't exist yet. I used a tool called 'Assistant' which I paid $20 for life for back when cell phones were new and $20 is a lot for an app, not two years later Google bought it out and they didn't give me my $20 back but now everybody has Google Assistant. The dilemma with this. Well let's think about it. I ask my assistant intelligent questions for answers, that I needed, that were relevant to something in particular. That company's assistant did its algorithms to give me the best results from Google, Bing and Ask. So you barely see the app button for the name literally 'Google voice searc' on any home screen anymore, all you have to do is say 'hey Google' or hold down your home button, or add an app button for google Assistant on your homepage. I do this all day it's actually how I get all my work done because I don't type fast with two thumbs and sometimes I like to have something else in my other hand anyway now I'm getting off topic, point is, that just like my rambling there is not pertinent to the conversation that I started. The people who were asking questions and the questions that they are asking when using Google Assistant are seemingly being dumbed down. And even though this sounds like I'm being an a-hole I mean after what I've said. The other thing that they have done is that all your searches now want to use every microinch of your location to search from a radius of your point outward for an answer. what this means is that We turn on location, navigation, Wi-Fi address, cellphone Mac addresses or carrier signal location, and even GPS plus more.... satellites, whatever are zooming in on you (not in a crazy way), Compiling all that data through your phone which as actually slowing it down or pulling from your battery that's why Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are bad to have on if you're not using them and then it's sending out results to get your answer back to you. Now, this is still going on at lightning speed believe it or not and I mean if you think about it compared to having to drive down to the library 25 years ago, browse rows of books using the Dewey Decimal System. Anyway, there you have my point, I am not a smart person, because I'm leaving a dumb answer here too, but the facts are that yes the Google search engine has been altered, but I added two links to help you get back to the more refined content that shows. hope some of that has made some and I found that as more people are using voice search not the I'm not using it every day but the more people using it are also the people who are stupid that didn't know how to use it before so results are varying because Google is compensating for wider or broader ranges of answers here's to links to help you adjust the settings of your Google search engine for your own liking.

Filter your search results
Advance searches
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Having to open new tab for each new search. Not used to be that way. Just changed recently. It's a pain in the a** and need it like it was.
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Its a bunch of BS..anything i search for it gives me everything but..i put in the product# serial# what ever its like a cat mouse game not worth the headache...time for google to GO!!!
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I loathe Google due to privacy concerns, so I have been using M'Soft Edge and Bing for searches.

Absolute rubbish search results which give me everything BUT what I am searching for.

So back to Google. Only to find the same damned thing happening.  I put in a very innocuous search criteria - Can you freeze butterscotch sauce - and what do I get? Loads of unrelated recipes, how to freeze butter, how long do butterscotch candies last, make-and-bake cookies that will save your holiday....well, I'm sure you get the idea. 

It never used to be like this. Now it is on a par with Bing. Pathetic.

Tried DuckDuckGo and that wasn't much better, if at all.
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