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When searching in google, my results keep coming back as if I live in India. My location is correct. 0 Recommended Answers 13 Replies 137 Upvotes
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Last edited 3/27/19
I have deleted chrome and powered off/on my phone and results are still coming back for India (in English). I’m American living in Japan. A few days ago this issue started and it is very annoying.
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You can try using custom roms/ reflash a suitable stock firmware/rom/os
Last edited 3/30/19
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Same here and the option to select your country has gone since the last update
Last edited 3/29/19
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Same for me
Last edited 4/2/19
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Please refer to this Featured Post:
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That doesn't solve the problem. Where has the option to select UK gone from the top of the Google search page since the last update?
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@ LooneyTunes Horner:
Your reply has nothing to do with this thread. Please start a new thread and I'll answer there.
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Do you have a VPN on by any chance,it's your settings I would of thought
Last edited 4/3/19
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No not necessarily a vpn check your dashboard to see if the region is set to your region.
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I have this exact problem too. Android phone though, not desktop. I'm Australian.

From what I can tell, it seems to me that it's happening because of the groupings that Google kinda sections the web into. My country is in the "Asia/Pacific" region. Which somehow has come to mean that, exactly as OP is saying, all my search results for general web enquiries (eg. How to...; Best app for...; etc. Not talking about Search for the phone number of fish & chip shop down the road) come out weirdly like Google thinks I'm Indian and only want Indian results. I don't know for sure why it's happening, but my money is on Australia being in Google's  "Asia/Pacific" group as playing a large part in it.

YouTube used to have a "Worldwide" option, in case I didn't want to watch solely Aussie content, which is where my location setting always sat. I don't recall this problem ever arising once back then. Now, it's like it is impossible to dig myself out of this India hole I've been slotted into. Regardless of whether I click on anything or not, it's still 95% Indian content, but if I happen to accidently click on an Indian vid or a vid that it's not initially clear that it's Indian and click on it before realising, I then get flooded with with even more Indian content and that's all my "Suggestions" section consists of. Which would be great, I suppose, if I lived in India or even an Indian living here. But I'm neither.

Bearing in mind I didn't even want to see just Australian stuff either, so it's just overkill and annoying to have all my Google search and YouTube force-feeding me all Indian content each and every time, without fail. It's like someone is trying really hard to fit a square peg into a round hole. I'm not from India, nor am I Indian, and I don't want to have all my results be Indian.

That's no exaggeration either, everything is! A few months back I did a Google search on money conversion, there was some feature article about ol' Scary Spice and how her life had been going. Something seemed out with the money side and I did a search simply asking how much is so-and-so British pounds converted to Australian dollars. The very first answer, the main answer highlighted large at the top, was telling me how much Indian rupee the amount was. Like wtf? I even have screenshots of this, I couldn't believe it. 

Another time, maybe around 4-6mths ago now, up in my Google central hub section on Android, I clicked on a News service up in there. SBS news, Australian, didn't occur to me that I'd be taking exception to it. I click on it, an Australian news service in the Google section of an Australian person, and I had to wait a coupla seconds while it translated out of "Punjabi" into English. Again, I have screenshots of this. It's just madness.

I don't want Indian content, but it seems you're not allowed to say that in this day and age else you'll be branded an intolerant racist. Making me just wanna scream at the decision-maker behind this, "Hey, yo, I'm intolerant of solely Aussie content too. Indians are most certainly not getting singled out here. And me being sick to bloody death of being force-fed all this Indian content each and every Google/YouTube search doesn't make me a bad person. It's just mind-numbing and maddening. All this Punjabi *expletive* just ain't my thing!" But there's no one to stop it anyway. It's all just pointless - I don't have the Internet anymore, I have the Indianet. I'm stuck with Indianet.

Youtube no longer has the "Worldwide" option, for people who want to see vids from all over the world as opposed to your own country. You just get your region that your country's in, which for me means India apparently. And, unfortunately, there seems no way to be able to stop it.
Last edited 5/22/19
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Same problem, in android , every time i search a product it shows me the prices in rubies and indian provider, i live 16000 km far from bloody india
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I have been receiving the same problem, both with google search in my laptop as well as my android search (voice assistance and manual search). I keep on getting Indian results, although I live in the Netherlands and have nothing to do with India.

Also, my YouTube recommendations are also Indian with certain topics I want to search, e.g phones, tablets, laptop or electronics.

Another example of this is when I search for keywords, "Cheap cars" the results will be a car dealer of an Indian company. With few products, it shows results in Rupees and Indian stores/locations. 

What would be the best way to fix this issue? Is this because my web tracking is off?
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I've had this issue for years with no fix. My Google search suggestions/autocomplete and even my Google feed articles are frequently India related. It's extremely annoying. I've tried every suggestion and nothing's worked.
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guys my brain almost blowing up from this sh**t all my research is like indian content and they all liers no one give you good content title in english and the video in indian language. enough google inough
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