Open Web Stories with Google Web Stories Player

Web Stories are a fast-loading, full-screen, visual experience optimized for your mobile device. When Web Stories open from a Google property, they load from the Google cache in a player to optimize performance.

How to use Web Stories

When you’re on a Web Story, you can switch between pages, pause the story, or swipe to a new story.

  • Switch between pages:
    • To go forward: Tap the right side of the screen.
    • To go back: Tap the left side of the screen.
  • Pause a story: Press and hold anywhere on the screen.
  • Switch between stories: Swipe left or right.
See how to use Web Stories

How Web Stories work on Google

To make Web Stories pages open faster, Google saves them in the Google cache. When you open a Web Stories page from a Google property, Google sends the cached page to you.

When you use the Google Web Stories Player:

  • Data is sometimes collected about you by Google and the publishers who create Web Stories pages.
  • Data that publishers collect when you visit their Web Stories page is the same data collected on their original website.
  • Publishers use cookies to link your activity on their pages. To unlink your activity, you can delete your publisher and Google cookies. Learn how to clear your cache and cookies.  

Google’s privacy policy governs data collected by Google. The publisher's privacy policy governs data collected by the publisher.

Publishers: Create a Web Story

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