About the Google Search app (iOS app)

With the Google Search app for iOS, you can quickly search the web for the information you need and easily access other Google products.

Don't have the Google Search app yet? Download the Google Search app for your iOS device.

Try these tips and tricks when using the Google Search app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:

  • Google Now - Touch or swipe the cards on your Home screen to get just the right information at just the right time, such as commute traffic before work, popular nearby places, your favorite team's current score, and more. Learn more about Google Now.
  • Search by voice. Say “OK Google” on your iPad or iPhone 5+ or touch the voice_icon_image Voice icon to speak what you’re looking for instead of typing it. Your voice will convert into digital text in the search box. Just say something like "Where’s the nearest coffee shop?"
  • Sign in to your account. Touch Sign in to sign in to your Google account. When you're signed in, you can access your personal Google applications such as Calendar, Documents, Gmail, and Photos.
  • Use other Google products. Touch the  Apps icon on the Google homepage to easily access all of the other Google applications such as Maps, Calendar, and more.
  • Quickly find your search term. Touch the find_in_the_page_icon_image find-in-page icon to search for a word or phrase that you're looking for on a website. Extra handy for long, wordy webpages!
  • Search for images with Goggles. Touch the Goggles icon  Goggles icon to search using images you take with your camera.