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Claim or exclude your books in the Library Project

If you hold the rights to a book that was scanned as part of the Library Project, you can claim it and associate it with a Partner Center account. Learn how to claim your scanned book.

When you claim a book, you can have more control over how it appears on Google Books. You decide how much of the book you want Google to display, anywhere from 20% to 100%, with the option of a PDF download.

Exclude your books from the Library Project

For in-copyright books scanned through the Library Project, readers can preview only bibliographic information and a few short sentences that match a search term, similar to what might be shown in a book review. Google Books never shows full pages of these books without explicit permission from a rightsholder.

You can exclude your book from being scanned for the Library Project or remove the search option for a book that's already been scanned. Unless you specify otherwise, we'll use your information only to verify that you are the owner of those particular books. Please see our privacy policy for more details.

If you do not have a Google Play Books Partner Center account, please submit the necessary information for the removal of your books.

If you have a Google Play Books Partner Center account, you can exclude your books by signing in to your account and adding the books you wish to exclude to a separate template. Once this is done, contact us with the name of the template.

Important: You don't need to submit any content files for these books.


How much more of my book will be viewable if I claim the rights to it?

Once you claim a rights to a book scanned via the Library Project, you can request that Google display only 20%, 50%, or the entire book.  You also have the option of making it available to readers as a PDF download.

How long will it take for the changes to go live?

It may take up to a week for your book to be associated with your account and another two weeks for it to be live on Google Books. Our support team will notify you when your book is live.

Can I get a PDF of the scanned book?

We're unable to accommodate manual requests for our scanned files. However, if you're willing to add the book to your Partner Center account and make it both 100% browsable and available for download to all users, you can acquire the PDF by visiting your book's page on Google Books.

Can I sell a digital edition of my book on Google Play using the scanned file?

Our scanned files aren't always of sufficiently high quality to offer for sale to Google Play users. Instead, we recommend that you send us a clean digital file (in PDF or EPUB format).

Can I replace a scanned file with a higher quality copy?

Due to technical constraints with our system, we're unable to modify or overwrite scanned files. If you anticipate being able to send us a digital file or a physical copy, we recommend that you wait until you can directly submit your book to us. The library scan will still be findable in Google Books along with the scan you submit.

Can you scan my book?

If you would like to add a preview of your book to Google Books but you don't have a copy and it hasn't yet been scanned by Google, you can request that we scan it from one of our partner libraries. After we verify that you are the rightsholder, we will check to see if the book is held by a scanning partner, and if so, we'll ask the library if it's available for scanning. As with all books digitized by Google as part of the Library Project, the source library can choose to download a copy of the scanned work.

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