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Now when you search for people on Google, you can find more relevant information about them.

Important: This feature is available in India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, for users that have their set language to English or Hindi.

Find a person

  1. Go to google.comor open the Google Search app .
  2. Search for a person by their name.
  3. If they’ve created a people card, it's eligible to appear in search results. 
After someone updates or creates their card, it can take a few hours for it to show up in Google Search results. If you are having trouble finding the people card you want, try adding on to your search query. For example, "Aamir Khan food blogger" or "Aamir Khan tutor."
Tip: To narrow multiple results, tap the filters above their people cards.

Report a problem

To report a problem with a card:

  1. Search for a person's name.
  2. On their card, tap Feedback.
  3. Under "What do you think?" choose your issue.
    • Optional: At the bottom, you can add a comment or suggestion.
  4. Tap Send.

Report abusive content

To report abusive content:

  1. Search for a person's name.
  2. On their card, tap Feedback.
  3. Tap Report Abuse and then Yes.

Learn more about legal removal requests and our policies for content posted by users on Search.

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