Contact a site's webmaster

Webmasters control websites and the content on them.

If you've found something on the Web that you'd like to have removed, you need to contact whoever controls that content. Most often, this means that you need to contact the webmaster of the page and ask them to take down the content in question. Even if you found the objectionable content using Google, Google doesn't have control over the sites we list in our search results.

Why do need to contact the webmaster instead of having Google remove the site?

There may be a site you want to have removed from Google search results. However, if we remove this site from Google’s search results, the webpage still exists and can be found directly (through the URL to the site) or on other search engines. The fact that it is in Google’s index merely reflects that the page exists on the wider web, and not that Google endorses it. Instead, your best option is to contact the webmaster who can remove the page entirely.

How to contact a webmaster

There are several ways to contact the webmaster of a site:

  • Contact us link. Find a 'Contact us' link or an email address for the webmaster on the site itself. This information is often easiest to find from the site's homepage.
  • Find contact information using Whois. Look up a site's webmaster information using a special search called a 'Whois' ("who is?") search. You can perform a Whois search using Google: just search for [ whois ]. The email address to contact the webmaster can often be found under Registrant Email or Administrative Contact.
  • Contact the site's hosting company. If you're unable to reach the webmaster, try contacting the site's hosting company, also usually listed in the Whois result.

If the webmaster has already made the changes you requested to a site that appears in our search results, you can request that we remove outdated information by submitting a webpage removal request.