automatically takes me to another Google site

Quick tip

If you find yourself on a country-specific Google homepage, such as, you can always easily get back to by clicking the link at the bottom right corner of the page.

To help provide you with the most relevant results, Google Search is customized for a number of countries and regions across the world. For example, provides search results that are most relevant for users in France. We try to direct users to the site that will give them the most relevant results. If we are sending you to the wrong place, there are a few ways you can get to the Google page of your choice.

What to do if Google is sending you to the wrong domain

As an example, if you’re located in Australia ( but you’re being sent to the Google domain for the United Kingdom (, we may be detecting your IP address incorrectly.

If you’re continuously seeing the wrong domain, let us know about the issue and we'll update your IP address in about a month. We understand that this turnaround time is not as fast as you may hope and that this issue can be extremely frustrating. Please know that we are working as quickly as we can to resolve these issues for you in the short term, and for you and users like you in the long term as well. In the meantime, review the section below to choose the Google site you want.

What to do if Google is detecting the wrong city or region

In the case that your location is detected in the wrong city or region, but the correct Google domain, update your location on your Search Settings page.

Change your location now!

How to visit instead of your local domain

If you'd rather use a different Google site, like, you can choose to do so. Before you do, make sure your cookies are enabled so that the preferences you pick will be saved. Here’s how to change your Google domain:

  • Click the link on any other domain.
  • Bookmark This is an alternative web address for that always takes you to without redirecting you.