Find Android apps in search results

When searching on your Android device, you may see apps, like games and news readers, in your results. If you’re signed in to your Google Account, you can see links to apps you already have.

Find apps in your results

  1. On your Android device, search for a term on Google.
  2. Apps may appear in results when they’re relevant.

How apps will appear

Open in app

For certain apps you already have on your phone, touch Open in app to go to a page in the app relevant to your search. If you're signed in, you'll see this button for apps you've installed from the Google Play store.

Google Play buttons

If your search results include relevant apps from the Google Play store, you’ll see them grouped together in an Apps section. Touch the price button to go to Google Play, where you can install the app.

Download button

If you search for the exact name of an app, you’ll see a card with information about the app. Touch Download to go to the Google Play store, where you can buy the app.

Types of apps you may see

You’ll see all types of apps from the Google Play store as relevant results if you search for the app name.

The Open in app button is currently supported for apps that have implemented app indexing. After you download one of these apps, it may take a day or two for the Open in app button to appear in your search results. We’re currently working with app developers to get more apps added to search results.

For developers: Add your app to search results

Having your app indexed helps you increase engagement with your app and broaden your user base.

If you’re interested in having your app added to Google search results, learn about app indexing.