Google search results page

Use this page to learn about the different parts of a Google Search results page, including what different icons and buttons mean. Click on one of the links below to learn about that part of the results page.

search results page


[1] Top of the page

Microphone icon

Touch the microphone icon to search by speaking instead of typing. Learn more about "Ok Google" and voice search.


Click your name to go to your Google+ page.

Apps apps

Click Apps apps to quickly get to other Google products like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Calendar.

Your picture

Click on your picture to sign in or out, or add a new Google Account.


[2] Search filters & settings

Filters & Search tools
  • Filters: Choose the type of results you want to see by clicking any of the links below the search box. For example, if you only want to see pictures, click Images.
  • Search tools: Click Search Tools to see more advanced ways to filter your results, like by color, time, or location.

Learn more about filtering your search results

Private results
  • Click to see public results.
  • Click to see private results, like information from your Gmail or Google Calendar, on the results page.

Learn more about search results from your Google products.


Click Options  to change any of your settings, like the language of your search results, the number of results per page, SafeSearch, and search history.


[3] Search results & ads

Search results

Every search result has three parts:

  • Title: The first blue line of any search result is the title of the webpage. Click the title to go to the site.
  • URL: In green, you'll see the web address of the site.
  • Snippet: Below the URL is a description of the webpage, which may include actual words from the page. The words you searched for will show in bold to make it easier for you to decide if the page has what you're looking for.

If we think that an ad will help you find what you’re looking for, we may show ads on the top of the results page or on the right side. You’ll know it’s an ad and not a search result because of the yellow Ad or Ads icon next to the URL.


[4] Bottom of the page


You'll see the current location that Google has for you, along with the option to update your location or use your precise location. Learn more about changing your location on Google.

Send feedback

If there's a mistake on the results page, or you want to suggest ways that the page could be improved, click Send feedback.


Tip: If your search results page looks too small, you can make the text and the page look bigger by increasing the page size.

  • On a Mac, hold down Command then + at the same time.
  • On a PC, hold down Ctrl then + at the same time.


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