Use your voice on Android

If you’re using an Android device running version 4.0 or below, some of the features described below may not be available.

You can speak into your Android phone or tablet to do things like search, get directions, and send messages. If your device is running Android 4.1 or higher, just open the Google Search app and say "Ok Google." (This feature is currently available in English, French, and German.)

If you have an older version of Android, touch the microphone icon Microphone icon on the Home screen or in the Google Search app.

Note: To detect when you say "Ok Google" to launch Voice Search or Voice Actions, Google analyzes sound picked up by your device's microphone in intervals of a few seconds or less. The sound is immediately discarded after analysis and is not stored on the device or sent to Google.

Voice Search

After you say "Ok Google" or touch the Microphone icon, Google listens to what you say and searches for it.

If Google isn't sure what you're searching for, it'll show you some suggestions. Just touch the one you want.

Give it a try! If you’re planning a trip to Paris, start by asking Google, “What are the main attractions in Paris?” You can follow up with another Voice Search, like “What’s the best thing to eat there?”

  • Weather: Do I need a jacket tomorrow?
  • Locations: Where’s the nearest pharmacy?
  • Flight status: When does United Airlines flight 900 depart?
  • Time: What time is it in London?
  • Events: When is sunset?
  • Math: What is the square root of 2209?
  • Translation: How do you say cucumber in Spanish?
  • Sports: When is the Boston Red Sox game?
  • Trivia: How tall is the tallest building in the world?
  • Conversions: How many dollars is 2600 rupees?
  • Images: Show me pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Hear your answer

After you ask Google a question, you can hear the answer.

To turn off this feature for Android 4.1+ devices, go to Menu > Settings > Voice > Speech output.

To turn off spoken answers on Android 2.3-4.0 devices, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Go to the “Spoken Answers” section and select “Just show text.”
  3. Touch Save.

Voice Actions

Voice Actions are supported in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese, but certain commands may not be available in each language. Voice Actions Beta are available in select languages.

You can use Voice Actions to perform common tasks, such as sending an email or opening an app.

After touching the Microphone icon or saying “Ok Google,” speak the Voice Action you want to use. Or say "help" to see examples of the kinds of things you can tell Google to do for you.

Examples include:

  • "Set alarm for 8:30 a.m."
  • "Send email to Marcus Foster. Subject: Coming tonight? Message: Hope to see you later."
  • "Navigate to Mike's Bikes in Palo Alto."

For a list of Voice Actions you can try, see Voice Actions commands.

Turn "Ok Google" on or off

The ability to trigger a search or action by saying "Ok Google" is called hotword detection. To turn it off or on, open the Google Search app and touch Menu > Settings > Voice > Hotword detection.