Punctuation and symbols in search

You can use some punctuation and symbols to change your search terms. Except for the examples below, most punctuation is ignored. For example, a search for [courtney@dogs.com] is seen by Google as [courtney dogs com]

Punctuation and symbols that work in Google search

Symbol What you can use it for
[+] Search for things like blood type [AB+] or for a Google+ page like [+Chrome]
[@] Find social tags like [@google
[&] Find strongly connected ideas and phrases like [A&E]
[%] Search for a percent value like [40% of 80]
[$] Indicate prices, like [nikon $400]
[#] Search for trending topics indicated by hashtags like [#lifewithoutgoogle]
[-] Indicate that words around it are strongly connected like [twelve-year-old dog]
[_] Connect two works like [quick_sort]. Your search results will find this pair of words either linked together (quicksort) or connected by an underscore (quick_sort).

Even though the symbols listed above are supported, including them in your searches doesn’t always improve the results. In these cases, you may see suggested results for that search without punctuation if those results seem more useful.

Search operators

Some symbols and words can be added to searches to help narrow down the results, like using the minus sign to remove a word from your search results. These symbols and words are called search operators. Learn more about search operators you can use with Google