Results labeled "This site may be hacked"

Why am I seeing this message?

We show the message "This site may be hacked" when we believe a site may have been hacked by a third party.

Often a hacker will modify existing pages or add spam content of their own. For example, you may be exposed or redirected to spam or malware. We recommend that you do not visit the website until you no longer see this label in Google's search results. If you know the owner of this website, please alert them to the situation.

How to fix the issue

Below are some suggestions on ways to resolve this issue if it is happening to your site:

  • Register and verify your site in Google’s free Webmaster Tools.
  • Sign in to Webmaster Tools and check the Security Issues section to see details of sample URLs that may be hacked.
  • Read our resources for hacked sites for detailed information on how to fix your site.
  • Remove the hacked content from your site. Use our Fetch as Google tool in Webmaster Tools to confirm that the hacked content has been removed.
  • Fix the security issue that allowed your site to be hacked. Otherwise, your site is likely to be hacked again.
  • Request a review in the Security Issues section in Webmaster Tools when your entire site is clean and secure. Once we determine your site is fixed, we will remove the hacked label.

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