Accessibility in Google Search

Once you search for something, the search results page is organized so that it's easy for common screen readers to navigate the page.

Section headings

The search results page has a hierarchy of section headings:

  • Heading level 1 (H1): The Google logo and a link named "Google" that points to the Google home page.
  • Heading level 2 (H2): The first H2 heading is for your search results. The second is for ads. Depending on what you search for, you might get up to 2 ads.
  • Heading level 3 (H3): Each individual search result and each ad title is an H3 heading.

Search result lists

Both the search results and ads are in ordered lists so you can get to them quickly with keyboard commands.

Accessibility on Android

If you're searching on an Android device, blind and low-vision users can use the TalkBack and BrailleBack applications. Visit the Android Accessibility help center to learn more.

Join the Google Accessibility community

You can join the Google Accessibility user community to discover new solutions, share tips on using Google services, and discuss accessibility issues with fellow Google users.

Accessibility for other Google products

Visit to learn more.




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