Search results from your Google products

You can search for information from other Google products you use, like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google+.

For example, you can search for information about your upcoming flights, restaurant reservations, or appointments.

How to see search results from other products

  1. Visit (You won't see these results if the URL says "http" instead of "https.")
  2. In the top right corner, click Sign in.
  3. Try one of the example searches below.

Example searches

Note: Some of the examples don't work in all regions.

  • Events: See Google Calendar events and appointments by searching my events.
  • Bills: See your bills, including when you need to pay them and how much you owe, by searching for my bills. You can also search for specific types of bills, or bills from a certain time. For example, my comcast bills 2013.
  • Packages: Find out when your package will arrive by searching my packages.
  • Reservations: See restaurant or hotel reservations by searching my reservations.
  • Flights: Search for your upcoming flights to see up-to-date flight updates by searching my flights.
  • Google Photos: Find photos from your Google Photos by searching my photos or my photos from new york in 2013.

Turn results from other products on or off

You're in control of whether you see search results from other Google products.

For all searches (desktop & mobile)
  1. Go to the Search Settings page. If you aren't already signed in, click Sign in.
  2. In the "Private results" section, select Do not use private results. (If you don't see the "Private results" setting, make sure you have "https" in the URL instead of "http.")
  3. Click Save.

Private results will stay turned off as long as you're signed in to your Google Account. If private results are off, you may still see results based on your Web & App Activity.

Temporarily (desktop only)

Note: These settings will only appear if you're signed into your Google Account and searching on ""

  • Turn off: To turn off private results and only see results from the public web, click Settings and then Hide private results . If you close your browser, private results may appear the next time you search.
  • Turn on: To see all results, including results from other Google products, click Settings and then Show all results.

Privacy of your search results

Results from your Google products are private. No one else will see your information in their results unless you've explicitly shared it with them or shared it publicly.

For example, you’re the only person who will see results that come from your Google Calendar and Gmail.

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