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Narrow your search results with filters

You can narrow and customize your search results to find exactly what you want. For example, you can find sites updated within the last 24 hours or photos with license information.

Tip: When you use filters, your Search settings don’t change. To delete past searches or change settings like SafeSearch, results per page, or languages, go to Search settings.

Add or remove filters

Tip: The Search tools you find are based on your search and type of results. You won’t always find every option.

  1. On your computer, open your browser, like Chrome or Safari.
  2. Do a search on
  3. Below the search box, select the type of results you want, like AllImages, or News.
    • For more options, click More.
  4. Below the search box, click Tools.
    • To add filters: In the Tools bar, click the filter and select an option.
    • To remove filters: In the Tools bar, click Clear.

Tip: For filters you add with one click, click the filter again to remove it.

Ways to filter your search results

Type of result

You can narrow your results to one content type, like images, videos, or news. Next to the search box, choose your results.

For example, to get:

  • Pictures: Choose Images.
  • Search results to help you make a purchase: Choose Shopping.

Search tools

After you choose the type of results you want, you can narrow your results further with Search tools. These tools can include location, color, size, or the date a page was published.

Search operators

You can also narrow your search when you add search operators, which are words or symbols you can add to your query. Learn how to refine web searches.

Types of search tools

Important: Some Search tools are only available in some languages or when you're signed in to your Google Account.

Web results
Tip: The Search tools you find change based on your search, type of results, and browser. You won’t always find every option.

Some tools include:

  • Publish date: Find results based on when they were published.
  • Verbatim: Search for exact words or phrases.
  • Dictionary: Find definitions, synonyms, or images.
  • Personal: Find content that's shared with you in Google products like Gmail.
    • To get personal results, sign in to your Google Account.
  • Nearby: Limit results to what’s near your current location.
  • Recipes: Narrow results based on ingredients, cook time, and calories.
  • Applications: Find an app based on its price or operating system (OS).
  • Patents: Find a patent based on the status, type, patent office, filing date, or publication date.
Images results
  • Size: Choose large, medium, or icon.
  • Color: Find images that are a certain color, black and white, or transparent.
  • Type: Narrow results to clip art, line drawings, or animated GIFs.
  • Time: Find a photo that was recently published or published on a certain date.
  • Usage rights: Find images that have license info attached to them.
Video results
  • Duration: Narrow results based on the length of a video.
  • Time: Find videos that were recently published or published on a certain date.
  • Quality: Find high quality videos.
  • Closed captioned: Limit results to videos with closed captions.
  • Source: Limit results to videos from a particular source, like YouTube.
Place results

When you search for certain places, you might find filters like:

  • Your past visits: Limit results to places you have or haven't visited.
  • Rating: Limit results to places that have a specific rating or higher.
    • People rate these places on Google.
  • Cuisine: Limit results to places that serve a specific type of food.
  • Price: Find places based on how much they cost.
  • Hours: Find places based on when they’re open.

Add or remove places you've visited

To get better search results, you can tell Google if you’ve been to a place:

  • On your phone: Under "Overview," tap You visited here __ days/weeks/years ago.
  • On your computer: Next to "Your past visits," click Edit and then Yes or No.

Tip: To filter by places you've visited:

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