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Learn more about an image

You can find more information about an image you encounter online.

Important: This feature is currently only available in English.

Find info about an image

  • To learn more about an image from Google Search:
    1. On Google app or website, search for an image.
    2. Open the “Image Viewer.”
    3. Select and then About this image.
  • To learn more about an image on a page from About this page:
    • If available, reference the “About this image” section and select an image.

On the info available, you may find:

  • When Google may have first seen a similar version of the image.
  • Other pages that use similar versions of the image.
  • Pages where the image may have been seen much earlier than other results on About this image.

When Google first found the image

About this image provides information about when the image, or visually similar images, may have first been seen by Google. You can learn more about the approximate age of the image with this information.

Tip: When you evaluate images on the web, experts recommend checking whether an image is older or newer than you expected. Information about when an image may have first been seen can help you assess if the image was taken out of context.

How other sites uses the image

To help you understand how other sites use an image, About this image provides search results from the open web that contain the image or similar images.

This section uses a combination of factors, including visual similarity and page helpfulness, to prioritize results that help you understand context about the image.

Tip: When you evaluate images on the web, experts recommend that you should search for evidence of important claims, and find more perspectives from others who use the same image.

Early uses of the image

When available, the "Early uses" section highlights pages where Google has found the image, or similar images, and those pages have appeared much earlier than other results shown. You can learn more about how an image may have been used at an earlier time.

Tip: When you evaluate images on the web, experts recommend that you look for the original context of the image to assess who may have created or uploaded an image to understand their background or perspective.

Image metadata

You can find details that are associated with the image itself and may be specific to the site you found the image on in the “Image metadata” section. When available, these details can give you context about the image creation and credit. However, Google does not validate the information found in this section. Learn more about image details.

Tip: Search for other sources that may help validate the metadata information. Important to note, the information in this section can be modified with image generation and editing tools, so it may not be accurate.

Give feedback on “About this image”

Your feedback helps us improve this feature for everyone.

  1. At the bottom of the page, click Feedback.
  2. Enter your feedback.
  3. Click Send.

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