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요청한 페이지는 현재 사용 중인 언어로 제공되지 않습니다. 페이지 하단에서 다른 언어를 선택하거나 Chrome에서 기본 제공되는 번역 기능을 사용해 웹페이지를 원하는 언어로 바로 번역할 수 있습니다.

Search Generative Experience while browsing

Browse web pages with generative AI-powered tools. With Search Generative Experience (SGE) while browsing, you can:

  • Quickly find the web page’s key points.
  • Find questions answered on the web page and jump to the relevant section to learn more.

What you need

Important: Currently, this experiment is available to a limited number of people in the US and in English only.

  • Latest version of Chrome browser Chrome. Download or update Chrome.
  • Be 13 or over. If you’re under 18, Search Labs and select experiments are available in the US and in English only.
  • A personal Google Account that you manage on your own. For now, Search Labs and its experiments are not available to Google Workspace accounts, including Google Workspace for Education accounts.

When generative AI features are triggered while browsing

Important: This feature only appears when our systems detect it's useful for a web page. It won't appear for: 

  • All web pages
  • Paywalled content

With SGE while browsing, you can trigger generative AI features when you:

  1. Perform a search query.
  2. Open an article from your search.
  3. On the right corner of your Chrome browser Chrome, select .

Give feedback about SGE while browsing

Google uses your feedback to improve and fine-tune SGE while browsing.

On the side panel, below the “Key points from the page:”

  • If SGE while browsing was helpful, select thumbs up Good overview.
  • If SGE while browsing needs improvement, select thumbs down Bad overview.

Give feedback about the experiment

  1. On your computer, open Chrome Chrome.
    • Make sure you’re signed in to your Google Account and aren’t in an incognito Window.
  2. Go to
  3. At the top right, select Labs  and then Get Started.
  4. At the bottom of the SGE, while browsing card, select Feedback.

Preview the experiment

You can visit these web pages to explore examples of insights from SGE while browsing:

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