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الصفحة التي طلبتها غير متوفرة بلغتك حاليًا. يمكنك اختيار لغة مختلفة في أسفل الصفحة أو ترجمة أي صفحة ويب على الفور إلى لغة من اختيارك، وذلك باستخدام ميزة الترجمة المضمّنة في Google Chrome.

Learn about Safety Report Card

Keep your information private and browse safer on your mobile device with the Safety Report Card. With the Safety Report Card, you can easily check for more info on a site’s trustworthiness and adjust your security settings for that site.

Use the Safety Report Card

You can get to the Safety Report Card for the site you’re browsing. From the URL bar of your Google app, tap the Lock .

Learn more about a site’s security settings

The Safety Report Card displays this info about the site that you are on:

  • Basic site info
  • SSL and safe browsing site info
    • HTTPS and Security Certificate status.
    • Warnings of harmful software or phishing on the site.
    • Password or billing info warnings.
  • Cookies
    • The number of cookies the site has set.
  • Trackers, analytics, and other third-party domains
    • The number of domains and scripts this site has contacted.
    • The name of the contacted domains.

Actions you can take to help protect your privacy

The Safety Report Card lets you easily manage your browser privacy options:

  • Open in Incognito
    • Opens the page that you’re on in a new Incognito tab.
  • Clear site cookies
    • Clears every cookie set by a site.
  • Clear all cookies
    • Clears all cookies saved in your browser.
  • Google Ads personalization
  • Remove a result

Safety Report Card warnings

Unsafe website detection

When you reach an unsafe website, the search bar of your browser displays a Warning . If a website isn’t safe, the Safety Report Card will warn you that the “Connection is not private.” To navigate away from the unsafe website, tap Back to safety.

If you navigate to an unsafe checkout site where your sensitive info may be shared, the Safety Report Card may take steps to protect your information. If the Safety Report Card turns off certain functionalities on the site, such as autofill, an alert displays. To dismiss the alert, swipe it away.

Weak password detection

When you sign in to a site, if your password is weak or was leaked in a data breach, a “Weak password detected” warning banner displays. The warning banner gives you the option to change the password or snooze the warning for 30 days. If you tap Edit password, you’re taken to the password change page for the site. You can also swipe to dismiss the notification.

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