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Personalization & Google Search results

With personalization, you get Google Search results tailored for you based on your activity. Personalization is only used if it can provide more relevant and helpful information. This page explains how Google shows personalized results and how to control them.

Tip: Search results may vary between people for reasons other than personalization, such as language settings or localized results.

Find your personalized results

Personalization doesn’t affect all search results. Instead, some results might be personalized while others aren’t.

If an individual result is personalized, in the "About This Result" panel, you’ll find a message that says “Personalized for you.” If you don’t find this message, then the result isn’t personalized.

Sometimes you’ll get multiple personalized results through a Search feature. For example, if you search what to watch, your recommendations may be personalized. If personalization is a factor, alongside the feature, you’ll find a message like “Recommended for you.”

Turn off personalization

If you turn off personalization, it will no longer be used to show you helpful individual results or any features that depend on personalization. In addition, this setting change:

  • Does disable your ability to find past searches in Autocomplete.
  • Doesn’t pause or delete stored activity within your Google Account. You can always pause or delete stored activity through data and privacy controls.
  • Doesn’t disable or delete app or website preferences. For example, language settings or search settings, like number of results per page, are preferences and aren’t affected.
  • Doesn’t disable or delete material you save. For example, saved items in your Collection, stocks you follow, or your home and work address aren’t affected.

To turn off personalization while you’re signed in, turn off Show personal results. When you turn off Web & App Activity, you also turn off personalization. To disable personalization while you’re signed out of your Google Account, turn off Search customization.

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