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Learn more about a web page

You can find more information about the source, topic of a web page, and information about sallent images on the page in the “Source” section of the “About this result” panel.

Important: This feature is only available in some regions.

Find info about the source & topic

  1. Do a search on Google.
  2. After the URL for a search result, select More .
  3. In the “Source” section, select More about this page.
  4. Depending on the info available, you might find 3 sections on this page:
    • About the Source
    • About the Topic
    • About the Image

Learn more about the source

The “About the source” section contains information about the source of a particular web page. To help you learn more about the source from other sites, this section might provide one or more of the following information.

Tip: When you evaluate information on the web, experts recommend that you review the source of a page and search for information about their background or perspective.


At the top of the “About the source” section, you might find a description of the source from a reference site. These descriptions come from Google’s Knowledge Graph.

In their own words

This is a description of the source as represented by the site itself.

If you manage the website and its description doesn’t meet your expectations, here are a couple ways you can update it:

  • Submit or modify a description for your Business Profile. Learn how to claim your profile.
  • Google will try to find your site’s description on an About Us page. To help Google find the description:
    • Create an About Us page on your site with about-us in the URL.
    • Include the description of your site on that page. The description must be in English and crawlable.
    • Link to that page with the text “about us”.
    • Include hints like an “About us” header above your site’s description.
Platform information

For some social platforms, this section provides information about the social account or channel that the page represents, not the social platform. This information isn’t available for all social platforms.

Tip: Experts recommend that you search for information about the owner of a social account or channel in addition to information about the platform.

Site first indexed by Google

This is the date Google first crawled this site. This date doesn’t necessarily represent:

  • The founding date for the business or organization associated with the site
  • The publication date for a specific page on the site
Web results about the source

This section is intended to provide search results from the open web about the source, to help give you context on what other sites say about this source. This is different from the sections above, which come from Google’s Knowledge Graph and the site itself, if available.

Search results in this section:

  • Are based on a combination of information, including searches for names of the source, to identify pages that may give you context about the website
  • Try to prioritize helpful results that are not created or controlled by the source website, to provide independent perspectives

The same approach is applied for all sites. This feature is experimental and we are actively working to provide more helpful results. If you find results that aren’t useful or relevant to the source, please send feedback to help us improve.

Learn more about the Topic

When available, the “About the topic” section contains information such as top news coverage or information about the same topic from other sources. This section provides perspectives from other sources about the topic covered by the webpage.

Tip: When you evaluate information from the web, experts recommend that you search for evidence of important claims, and find other perspectives on the same topic.

Top news

These are high quality news headlines about the same story as the page you are learning more about from different sources. To find more related content, select View full coverage.

Full coverage can include:

  • Additional sources
  • Videos
  • Local news reports
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Social commentary
  • A timeline of how the story has played out
Related results

These are web results from other sources about the same topic as the page you want to learn more about. Depending on the topic, these results might contain a combination of news articles, scientific studies, longform pieces, or shopping websites.

Learn more about the Image

When available, the "About the image" section will show information about the images on the page such as when an image may have been first seen by Google, with a link to About this image page to learn more.

Give feedback on “More about this page”

Your feedback helps us improve this feature for everyone.

On desktop:

  1. At the bottom, click Feedback.
  2. Enter your feedback.
  3. Select Send.

On mobile browser:

  1. At the bottom, tap Feedback.
  2. Enter your feedback.
  3. Select Send.

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