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www or non www - User-declared canonical or Google-selected canonical We have recently taken over the SEO for a WordPress site. We have transferred the site to a new host…
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SITE HACKED 2 TIMES IN 3 DAYS EVEN WITH CLOUDFLARE PREMIUM My site has been hacked 2 times in 3 days and I have ultra secure HTTPS along with Cloudflare Premiu…
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Please help i am unable to upload my web site or blog add. On google search bar I wanna upload my web on google search bar
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We are getting spammed with bad backlinks Hi, We recently have been hit with some serious spammy banklinks and as a result our traffic has fel… Google is no more Indexing Blogger Blog Contents on Custom Domain Hello, I have noticed that Google suspended crawling and indexing of contents from blogger blogs on …
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80% of the Blogs have been deindexed from google search result. My website is fullhindi.com Some days ago all the blogs were showing in the Search result but now al… I need to solve Breadcrumbs error Invalid URL in field "id" Hello, Webmasters. Yesterday I saw there is no schema in the google search result for my article. Wh…
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Webpage being downgraded in google search results for no reason. Please, help us understand why! Dear Google Team, We believe that something isn't right regarding your insights to our website www.p…
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A question about address move After I move my address to a new one(already submit it on the address move tool). When I search my s…
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Traffic on my site has fallen unusual since 23 Aug 2019 I'm work as content marketing. Since January, traffic to the website have been steadily increasing. …
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Google has stopped crawling my website Hello, my website is doing fine on google search engine for a while now.. My posts gets indexed imme… why my blog post url is not indexed in Google hello search console team, I am so worried for crawling and indexing problem on my site. I do not un… How do you fix an error 'Breadcrumbs Missing field "itemListElement"on Google Search Console? I don't know what and how I am supposed to fix it..
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Site Disapproved for google ads due to unwanted malicious software Hi, Our site at: https://tinyurl.com/yy4nsehe is disapproved ads due to malicious unwanted software.…
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i cannot seem to get google console to VERIFY My website/property,...sharontrompflifestyle.com every time l follow the prompts to verify my property with google webmaster it will not accept verif… Remove outdated content is not working Removal tool has stoped removing links - these are all legit dead links I need to remove. I had been…
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Negative SEO penalty ignored by Google after disavowing bad links and submitting reconsideration Hi dear Google, Our site https://www.scrapcarremovaltoronto.ca/ was attached by Negative SEO which r… Why google is not indexing my site with the sitemap? Why google is not crawling my site. I have created this site in the blogger.com and I bought the top…
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Breadcrumbs: Either "name" or "item.name" should be specified Hi We got an issue in 210 of our pages (210 Error but 3.74K pages are valid) with Breadcrumbs. Googl… Moving from 123 Reg hosted site to Wix - How to remove old search listings I have a site that I built myself and hosted on 123 Reg. I now have a Wix website with the same URL.…
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