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I was getting good organic traffic from google( Almost every keyword in top 50) but now zero traffic Hi. I have written a 100+ post on my site. I was getting good traffic from past months but suddenly …
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My website is still not properly indexed after many, many months - Console offers little help When looking in Search, this is the result: Your search - site:redondochiropractor.com - did not mat… my website has lost about 80 percent of the traffic. need suggestion my website informationxone.com have about 112000 page views in sept 2019 but now i have tryied every…
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Does a subdomain structure has any negative impact on traffic of AMP? Hi everyone, We are moving our AMP pages from this structure https://www.example.com/blog/article?am…
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Indexing issues During live testing, indexing issues were detected with the URL DISMISS VIEW LIVE TEST This error ap…
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Required Markup Doesn't Match Google's Documentation I'm getting the following error in my Search Console account for Product structured data: Either "of…
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Faq Schema not working Hi, I have implemented the FAQpage Schema JSON-LD method to add FAQs to my search results to a coupl… FAQ Schema - Can I have more than one on my website? I have a number of pages on my site where I have 3-5 questions specifically related to that topic, a… I provide a free file hosting service, how do avoid my site blocked by Google I have a site where people can upload files easily to send over email/etc. There is quite a bit of v…
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Unable to unverify the previous owner of the domain I am unable to unverify the old owner of the website https://sattaking.mobi . it shows the following…
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Remove meta tag from wordpress Hey, I run a blog and at the time of launching my blog i have setup the search console account
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Cannot insert .online domain Good day, own domain stavebnimaterial.online I can't insert a sitemap, it always writes "Sitemap cou…
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How to know google is crawling/Reading my website programmatically? Hi..In my website i record page views in Page load via my back end.... For Examples when user comes …
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Oops! Something went wrong We had a problem submitting your indexing request. Please try again later Having issue with re-indexing or testing the following "https://www2.census.gov/census_2010/08-SF1_C…
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Mass menu - SEO advice please! Hello, On the below URL there does exist top menu which drops down to all categories. I'm want to kn…
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Sitemap- Discovered URLs shows "0", and SEE INDEX COVERAGE is not clickable In the Sitemap Section> Discovered URLs for my sitemap-index.xml is showing "0". However, it was wor…
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Carousel for category and subcategory I want to understand how to better place structured data. I have category pages. The categories page…
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All product pages on my store shows "URL is on Google, but has issues" Hello, My issue is related to an online contact lens store that I am running. One of its product pag…
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My website's homepage url stopped showing in google search while i'm searching with name While i'm searching with name, my website https://beldara.com not showing up. it's indexed but don't…
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Favicon appears in google search console but search result still shows old favicon Hi All, im using Wix premium for my website and have uploaded my new favicon thru Wix favicon settin…
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