Associate your Search Console property with another Google service

View or manage associations for all your properties using the Associations settings page.


Open the Associations settings page

About association

An association is a connection between a Search Console property and an entity or property in another Google service. For example, your Search Console property might be associated with your Google Analytics property to allow the data from both products to be combined and shown in Search Console Insights.

The effects of an association depend on the type of thing being associated with your Search Console property. For example: a Google Analytics association shares your Search Console performance data with the associated Google Analytics property; an Android Play Store app association enables app indexing (when Google Search shows deep links into the associated app).

An association is requested by a user in another Google service, such as Google Analytics or Chrome Web Store. This request is sent to the owners of the Search Console property, who can approve or deny the request. Use Search Console to accept or reject association requests, see your current associations, and delete an existing association. The only exception is Google Analytics, where an association can be requested either in Google Analytics or in Search Console.

Example: Here is how to request association between a Google Ads account and a Search Console property. (Association is called "linking" in the Google Ads documentation.)

A single Search Console property can be associated with multiple other entities (for example, could be associated with both a Google Analytics property and an Android app).

Read about association in your product's documentation to learn about all the benefits of association and how to request association with a Search Console property.

Items that can be associated with a Search Console property

The following items can be associated with a Search Console property:

  • Android Play Store app
  • Chrome Web Store account
  • Google Ads account
  • Google Analytics property
  • Google Assistant Actions Console project
  • Google Merchant Center account
  • Play Console Developer account
  • Vertex AI Agent Builder

Check the help page for association in the other service to see what happens if an association is created.

Managing associations

View your associations

To view your existing and requested associations, open the Associations settings page (SettingsSettings > Associations).

Search Console does not show a history of rejected or removed associations.

Request an association

You can request association with a Google Analytics property or with another service.

A Google Analytics property can be associated with only one Search Console property at a time, and vice-versa. If you no longer see a previously created Analytics association, it means that you or another site owner either removed it or overwrote the association with another.

Request a Google Analytics association

You can associate your Google Analytics property with your Search Console property to see Google Analytics data in Search Console Insights, as well as Search Console data in Google Analytics. Google Analytics UA data will stop being supported in Search Console Insights starting July 1, 2023. If a Search Console property is associated with both a Google Analytics UA and Google Analytics 4 property, then Search Console Insights will only show data from the Google Analytics 4 property.

To associate your property, open the associations page for your Search Console property, click Associate, then follow the instructions in the dialog. In order to see your Google Analytics data in Search Console Insights, choose a stream that best matches your Search Console property and that covers the pages on your site that you would like to track.

To create an association between Search Console and Google Analytics, you must be an owner of the Search Console property and have edit permission on the Google Analytics property.

Any Search Console data exported from Search Console to your associated Google Analytics property will be subject to the Google Analytics terms of service. At the same time, any data exported from your Google Analytics property to your associated Search Console property will be subject to the Search Console terms of service.

When you associate a Search Console property with a Google Analytics property, anybody with access to that Google Analytics property may be able to see Search Console data for that site. For example, if a Google Analytics administrator adds a user to a property, that user may be able to see Search Console data in Search Optimization reports.

Google Analytics account administrators can move their Analytics property from one Analytics account to another. Any associated Search Console properties will maintain their association as part of the move. After the move, any users of the new Analytics account will be able to see data from the associated Search Console property without a notification in Search Console. Learn more

Request a Merchant Center account association 

You can associate your Merchant Center account with your Search Console property to update information, monitor the status of your products, and discover opportunities to improve your visibility on Google.

Once you’ve associated your accounts, all users with access to your Search Console property will be able to view data from your Merchant Center account, and add or update information. 

There are two ways to associate your Merchant Center account in Search Console:

  • Go to Settings [insert icon] > Associations, click Associate, and follow the dialog instructions.
  • Go to Shopping tab listings, click Associate account, and follow the dialog instructions.
To create an association between Search Console and Merchant Center, you must be an owner of the Search Console property and an admin of the Merchant Center account.
Your Search Console property must be a domain-level property (subpaths aren't supported). However, Merchant Center accounts that have a subpath can be associated with the Search Console property if they both share the same domain.
A single Search Console property can only be associated with a single Merchant Center account. However, you can associate multiple Search Console properties with the same Merchant Center account.

Request association with another service

Association requests for all products other than Google Analytics must be made from within the other product. Read the instructions on how to request association in the other products documentation (search for the term "Search Console").

Approve or deny an association request

If you've received an association request, decide if this is an account that you want to associate with your site. Review the permissions that an association grants to the other service. If you want the association, click Approve next to the request in the Pending Requests table, otherwise click Deny. Approval requests that have not been approved or denied will remain active indefinitely in the Pending requests table.
Remove an association
You can delete any association type at any time for your property.
To delete an association within Search Console:
  1. You must be an owner of the Search Console property.
  2. Open the Associations settings page in Search Console.
  3. Find the association that you want to delete in the table.
  4. Select the more settings icon More settings icon and click Remove association.

To delete a Search Console association within the other service, use the other product's management console, similar to the way you request an association.

About the Associations settings page

The Associations settings page shows active and pending associations for all your sites. Active associations have been approved by you or another Search Console property owner. Pending requests are requests for association that have not yet been approved or denied by a Search Console property owner. When an association is removed, its history is lost.

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