New Search Console

Welcome to the new Search Console

Welcome to the new Search Console. We redesigned our product to help you focus on specific tasks for your site, such as monitoring your traffic and helping Google crawl your site.

Migrating from old Search Console? If you've already used the old Search Console, here is some guidance on how to use the new product. We strongly recommend using the new Search Console when an equivalent new report exists.




Search Console Overview page

The overview page shows a summary of your performance on Google Search. Visit this page to see a summary of your most important metrics and notifications, including search performance, index coverage, and mobile usability metrics. If your property has enhancements such as AMP pages or search enhancements, you will also see information about those features. Visit this page for a high-level overview of how your property is performing, and any critical issues that need to be addressed.


Known issues in the new Search Console

The following are known issues in the new Search Console. No need to report them to us, but we'd love your feedback on any other features or issues you spot. Use the Feedback mechanism built into the report to let us know.

  • Not all reports, tools, and functionality from the old product has been implemented yet.
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