Get your website on Search Console

You can add up to 1,000 properties to your account, including both websites and mobile apps. Follow these steps to start using Search Console for your website.

  1. Add your site to Search Console. Be sure to add all variations of your site root URL, including www and non-www versions, and all subdomain variations (,, When you add your site to Search Console, we refer to it as a property. That's because Search Console supports both websites and apps.
  2. Verify your site. Verification proves that you are the owner of the website. Until you are verified for a website you cannot access any Search Console data for it. Google-hosted sites (such as Blogger or Sites pages) are automatically verified. Verification doesn't affect PageRank or affect your site's performance in Google's search results.
  3. Add or remove users who can see your data. Add owners and users who can read Search Console data for your site or change Google Search site settings. Note the maximum number of users per property.
  4. Let Google know if you want to target specific countries with your site, or any section of your site.
  5. Read and understand our webmaster guidelines. Be sure that you are following best practices to enable Google to crawl (find) and index (understand) your pages and rank them appropriately, and that you do not violate any of our quality guidelines.
  6. Optionally submit a sitemap and a robots.txt file to help us understand which pages we should and should not crawl on your site.
  7. Learn how to monitor your site and search results in Search Console. If your site is designed well, you won't have to check your Search Console data often, and in most cases we'll notify you when we detect a problem.
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