Crawl & render with the Fetch as Google tool

Learn about Fetch as Google

Fetch as Google is a diagnostic tool that allows you to simulate how Google crawls or renders a URL on your site.

Googlebot constantly crawls and renders URLs across the entire web. Fetching is an operation you run as a user when you use our Fetch as Google tool to retrieve a specific URL. It’s a small-scale simulation of the real deal.

The Fetch as Google tool has two modes of operation that you can use to test Google crawling and rendering for URL on your site:

  • Fetch—quick check

    When the Fetch as Google tool is in fetch mode, Googlebot crawls any URL that corresponds to the path that you requested. If Googlebot is able to successfully crawl your requested URL, you can review the response your site sent to Googlebot. This is a relatively quick, low-level operation that you can use to check or debug suspected network connectivity or security issues with your site.

  • Fetch and render—deeper view

    The fetch and render mode tells Googlebot to crawl and display your page as browsers would display it to your audience. First, Googlebot gets all the resources referenced by your URL such as picture, CSS, and JavaScript files, running any code. to render or capture the visual layout of your page as an image. You can use the rendered image to detect differences between how Googlebot sees your page, and how your browser renders it.

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